Goal Achievement

Tuesday – Character Goal – Creative Exercise – Pick one/ Add, modify,delete.

  1. Get away from their past.
  2. Protect a family member.
  3. Lift a curse.
  4. Better themselves.
  5. Save Christmas.
  6. Be loved.
  7. Take a new direction in life.
  8. Create a utopia.
  9. Run for the borders.
  10. Find a legendary creature.

Tuesday Column – Jay Parkhe – Character Goals

Chosen randomly Jay Mentor presents you with some choices

you may take as your character goals

  1. Better yourselves.
  2. Make a sacrifice for the greater good.
  3. Forgive somebody.
  4. Break an addiction.
  5. Find out your true identity.
  6. Gain the approval of somebody.
  7. Find peace within.

Each mentee/mentoree I meet has a different and unique need that helps them define their goals.

I shall share these regularly. Take your pick.

If you require Mentor support – write to me or call me.