I came in touch with many Godmen, saints , sadhus n Gurus n mentors from age 5. I share some of the teachings . I have a strong Buddhist belief ‘A master (mentor) appears, when the Pupil is ready’.

Most of my learnings are from Avatar मेहेर बाबा, गीता, बायबल, Buddhism, रामायण, and other holy books. Shared freely for anyone iinterested..

Currently, I spend time in the morning Reading my Fav magazine from my childhood “KALYAN”.  I also write RAM NAAM – aiming to write 51000 times in few notebooks as beloved mother did.  And have completed Reading, writing the Shlokas, meaning in Hindi, English for Gita.  I am now reading Bhavarth Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami written Granth “DasBodh” .  Have begun reading Manache Shlok and also have them on my Gaana App for morning walk listening.  It is wonderful.