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JANUARY 12, 2022 |

Beijing’s backyard. The Biden administration has ignored two small yet politically crucial countries in Southeast Asia: Cambodia and Laos. This is a strategic mistake, Derek Grossman writes.


Pandemic central. The World Health Organization has made Germany the home of its first pandemic preparedness hub for key geopolitical reasons, Stéphanie Fillion writes.


Color revolution? Kazakhstan’s unrest has drawn comparisons to demonstrations in Ukraine and Belarus. But grouping them together is an oversimplification, Erica Marat and Assel Tutumlu write.


Border emergency. At the militarized Polish-Belarusian border zone, extensive security restrictions have given rise to a creeping sense of danger, Michal Kranz reports.


Steep cost. “Harsh Times,” Mario Vargas Llosa’s latest novel, offers a sharp critique of the role that corporate interests play in establishing U.S. power, Lucas Iberico Lozada writes.