Mentoring Free for Decades… David Wee from Singapore sent this wonderful article

Via: David Wee/ Singapore on WhatsApp today..

Good morning ☀️🌻

8 Reasons Free Is Too Expensive (Part 1/2)

1) When you give away your services for free, you diminish your own power. 

You give your power – the power you have created in your business – away and allow someone to devalue what you are willing to contribute.

2) When you allow someone to offer their services to you for free, you do the same thing to them.

You devalue what they are worth.

3) When your time is free, the other person’s time will always be more important and more valuable than your time.

4) Free means there is no skin in the game – When there is nothing to lose, it likely your stakeholders won’t particularly care about the prospect of losing.

If someone offers to paint your store or balance your books for free, how likely are they to deliver to their full potential?

Can you reasonably expect a high-quality outcome?

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