Foreign Policy Editor’s Picks

JANUARY 06, 2022 | 
1  Startling reality. Americans have long believed that right-wing extremism is confined to the political fringe. But new research reveals that the Jan. 6 insurrectionist movement is far more mainstream, Robert A. Pape writes.  
2  Sudden unrest. Kazakhstan’s sweeping wave of protests has spooked Moscow and sparked an unprecedented intervention, FP’s Emma Ashford and Matthew Kroenig discuss in our series, It’s Debatable.  
3  Ethics bending. German media house Axel Springer, America’s newest media baron, has a highly questionable track record of mixing journalism with right-wing politics, Paul Hockenos writes.  
4  Prisoner swap? The Taliban are urging Washington to free an Afghan drug lord imprisoned in the United States in exchange for an abducted American engineer, FP’s Lynne O’Donnell reports.  
5  Sweeping demands. Russia has long chafed against Ukraine’s deepening relationship with the West. But converging political factors have given Moscow a new sense of urgency, FP’s Amy Mackinnon explains.

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