Interesting Newsletter: trade pub.

7 Leadership Mistakes companies make….

1. The leadership development strategy is not aligned with the business strategy

I have nothing against executive education. I have worked with great business and management schools. But the mistake many companies
make is thinking that leadership development

is all about education in the classroom and nothing else. Adults only remember 10% of what

they hear in a lecture style setting versus two- thirds when they learn by doing. Leadership isn’t about what people know and think. It’s about what they do and say. So leadership development must be designed around real work challenges for a real business impact.

Too often if there is a leadership development strategy it’s defined separate and independent from the business strategy. That is not
just poor practice. It’s plain wrong.

Leadership development is not an HR strategy. It’s a business strategy. Your business goals drive the quality and quantity of leaders you need.

And your strategy will be unique to the business context you are working in. If you’re a fast-

growing company you may need to focus on strategic sourcing and building your employment brand. If you’re at a stage of globalising the business, your focus might be on integrating recruitment with an internal mobility programme.

If you’re suffering from low engagement and employee performance, your focus might be on revamping performance discussions and development.


Download and read the short article.  It is very interesting.

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