10 Businesses Too Big to Fail That Totally Flopped

10 Businesses Too Big to Fail That Totally Flopped by Adrian Sharpfact checked by Rachel Jones You’d think it’s safe to assume that some businesses aren’t going anywhere. From Coca-Cola and Nike to Apple and Microsoft, these businesses seem more like permanent structures than vulnerable companies right now. But take a picture and make a Xerox of … Continue reading 10 Businesses Too Big to Fail That Totally Flopped

10 Fascinating Facts about Wildlife Bridges

10 Fascinating Facts about Wildlife Bridges by Laura M. Vorreyer fact checked by Darci Heikkinen Humans have continued to build and expand their cities, encroaching on acres upon acres of animal habitats. Sadly, many animals get hurt or killed while trying to cross man-made roads. This leads to diminishing animal populations, a lack of biodiversity, and a … Continue reading 10 Fascinating Facts about Wildlife Bridges

Generative hobbies: Seth Godin

* Generative hobbies [ https://p.feedblitz.com/r3.asp?l=183021094&f=1081591&c=8116466&u=5102652 ] Some people say “hobby” like it's a bad thing. In a race for more, it seems as though doing something you don't get paid for, something that requires patience and skill–well, some people don't get it. They'd rather troll around on social media or watch a rerun. A generation or two … Continue reading Generative hobbies: Seth Godin

Random Acts of Kindness

Let someone go in front of you in line who only has a few items. Write a card for the sanitation workers Volunteer in a local animal shelter Stream a kids movie from your childhood and watch it with your children If you’re fortunate enough to have at least one grandparent who’s still alive, call … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness

Random Phrases

Cup Of Joe Meaning: A cup of joe is an American nickname for a cup of coffee. Fool's Gold Meaning: Iron pyrities is a worthless mineral that resembles gold. Playing For Keeps Meaning: Said when things are about to get serious. Quality Time Meaning: Spending time with another to strengthen the relationship. A LemonM eaning: Usually a vehicle (but … Continue reading Random Phrases

10 Astonishing Discoveries That Transformed Ordinary People into Millionaires

by Shaun Hennessyfact checked by Darci HeikkinenShare4TweetWhatsAppPinShareEmail4SHARES Everybody has fantasized about hitting the jackpot at some point in their life. Whether you scour the ocean floor looking for sunken treasure, love sports betting or casinos, or even just play the lottery, everybody harbors a small flicker of hope that one day they can win big and change … Continue reading 10 Astonishing Discoveries That Transformed Ordinary People into Millionaires

  Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information BureauGovernment of India       •Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Availability in States/UTs •COVID-19 UPDATE •Ministry of Civil Aviation releases draft ‘National Air Sports Policy’ for public feedback •Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya reviews Public Health Preparedness to COVID19 and National COVID19 Vaccination Progress with States/UT •COVID-19: Myth vs. Facts •Concerted worldwide efforts needed to … Continue reading   Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Miss Manners: Who pays for guest’s caregiver’s dinner? via WAPO newsletter

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina Martin December 31, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. EST Dear Miss Manners: My wife and I will be celebrating our 51st wedding anniversary soon, and we sent out electronic invitations to nine couples to share this occasion at our favorite restaurant. The wife of one of the couples we invited has Alzheimer's; we have not … Continue reading Miss Manners: Who pays for guest’s caregiver’s dinner? via WAPO newsletter


http://www.stripes.com January 2, 2022 | View in browser Signed defense bill includes ending ‘pink tax’ on uniforms The measure requires the Department of Defense to develop consistent criteria for determining which uniform items are considered "uniquely military," so as to reduce differences in out-of-pocket costs across services and by gender. READ MORE > Biden conferring with Ukraine’s … Continue reading STARS AND STRIPES DAILY NEWSLETTER


FS | BRAIN FOOD Happy New Year! Welcome to Sunday Brain Food: a weekly newsletter full of timeless ideas and insights for life and business. FS "What is truth to one may be a disaster to another. I do not see life through your eyes, nor you through mine. If I were to attempt to … Continue reading FS BRAIN FOOD NEWSLETTER

FP Editor’s Picks – newsletter

DECEMBER 31, 2022 | VIEW IN BROWSER SPONSORED BY PRINCIPLES FOR DEALING WITH THE CHANGING WORLD ORDER 1 Critical contests. From Brazil to South Korea, 2022 is stacked with elections that could reshape their countries’ destinies. Keep an eye on these 14 key elections in the new year, curated by FP’s Allison Meakem. 2 Lackluster record. Foreign policy isn’t usually the … Continue reading FP Editor’s Picks – newsletter

Did you knkow….

Did you know... ... that today is Royal Dung Day? In 2000, the speaker of the Swaziland House of Assembly, Mgabhi Dlamini, was caught collecting dung from the royal kraal, or cattle pen, of King Mswati. Traditional leaders of Swaziland believe that royal dung has special powers. Brings a whole new meaning to "mudslinging" in … Continue reading Did you knkow….