FP’s Editors PIcks – Newsletter


Essential employees. It’s an open secret that Washington’s foreign-policy machine runs on interns. Yet most are underpaid—and some aren’t paid at all, FP’s Robbie Gramer and Anna Weber report.


Unlikely comeback. Ten years after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad first violently crushed a peaceful uprising, he has found his way back into the world’s good graces, Bente Scheller writes.


Exit door. Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United Nations has resigned from his post just four months after the Taliban takeover, FP’s Jack Detsch and Colum Lynch report.


Technological breakthrough. Jordan and Israel’s new water-for-energy deal—meant to ease the impacts of climate change—marks a significant step forward for regional cooperation, FP’s Anchal Vohra writes.


Incoherent policy. As the Biden administration’s first year concludes, the United States still lacks an Indo-Pacific strategy that counters China’s inescapable pull in Southeast Asia, Derek Grossman writes.