FP Editor’s Picks: Newsletter


Influence operations. Beijing has deployed thousands of fake Twitter accounts to promote its official positions—but no one appears to be buying its message, Josh A. Goldstein and Renée DiResta write.


Rich language. In many postcolonial countries, terms meant to acknowledge original inhabitants actually marginalize them. In New Zealand, the term “tangata whenua” captures the Maori’s powerful rights, Christina Thompson writes.


Regional aggression? The U.S. Department of Defense is worried about China’s increased military buildup near its shared border with India, FP’s Jack Detsch reports.


Continental concerns. Frontex, Europe’s border and coast guard agency, is expanding rapidly. Its growth reflects how questions of security are becoming less national and more European, FP’s Caroline de Gruyter writes.


Labor crisis. As the United States confronts a supply chain crisis, allowing workers to unionize would empower undocumented immigrants vital to the economy, David Helps and Alexander Stephens write.