FP Editor’s PIcks – Newsletter


People power. Ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy, Americans must question the foundations of the Constitution they so uncritically worship, Hélène Landemore writes.


Explosive tactic. The Taliban’s passion for suicide bombing did not end with their military victory in Afghanistan. If anything, it seems to be taking a new turn, Atal Ahmadzai writes.


Balancing act. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s twin diplomatic meetings this week underscore how Russia remains a source of discord between the United States and India, Charu Sudan Kasturi writes.


Stop the sale. Biden is backtracking on his campaign pledge to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia. A bipartisan team of lawmakers can stop him, Sarah Leah Whitson writes.


State Department tension. Career U.S. diplomats are being shut out from policymaking due to the proliferation of special envoys, FP’s Colum Lynch and Robbie Gramer report.