Newsletter: Foreign Policy – Editor’s Pick


Waning influence. Sixteen years ago, the United States brokered a peace agreement in Sudan. Now, the battle for Khartoum exposes how ineffective Washington has become, FP’s Colum Lynch and Robbie Gramer report.


New playbook. Beijing is trying to free itself from imported technology, part of an evolving playbook in response to heightening tensions between China and the United States, Ryan Fedasiuk and Emily Weinstein write.


Chance to shine. Zimbabwe’s ascent to a leadership role in an international diamond accreditation scheme is an opportunity for the industry to clean up its act, Tendai Marima reports.


Only way out. Myanmar’s military must be shown it can’t win. That’s the only chance the country has for peace—and to move toward a system of federal democracy, Charles Dunst writes.


It’s debatable. Who’s to blame for the current state of Iran deal negotiations? Does it even make sense to divide the world into democracies and autocracies? Emma Ashford and Matthew Kroenig debate.