Intellifusion – 5 Incidents to catch up on

Friday 3rd December 2021 Hi Dhananjaya, Here's your weekly rundown of the global security landscape, highlighting key incidents that have taken place from each region in the last seven days; MIDDLE EAST & ASIA Yemen The Saudi-led coalition has carried out multiple airstrikes in Houthi controlled-Yemen throughout this week, targeting Houthi drone and missile production … Continue reading Intellifusion – 5 Incidents to catch up on

10 Things That Restored Our Faith in Humanity

by Amber Smith fact checked by Rachel Jones We could all use a boost to our faith in humanity. Our history books are filled with wars and class struggles, and our news media with the same. It can sometimes be hard to keep our faith in our fellow humans, but there is good news. For every unsettling … Continue reading 10 Things That Restored Our Faith in Humanity

10 Modern Medical Treatments That Might Surprise You

by Bullybeefedfact checked by Darci Heikkinen Every culture and religious group on earth has some form or another of healer or doctor. Pseudo healers who claim to work miracles with infinitely diluted extracts or carefully selected herbs. Witch doctors and Sangomas who can increase the length of your male appendage, help you win the lotto, or bring … Continue reading 10 Modern Medical Treatments That Might Surprise You

Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns

Pegasus spyware used to hack U.S. diplomats working abroad

Confirmation of the attacks comes one month after the U.S. blacklisted NSO Group

10 Best Fight Scenes in Movies

by Andrew Gestalt fact checked by Rachel Jones All great movies are built around drama, conflict, intentions, meetings obstacles. Sometimes those obstacles are unrealized potential or unrequited love, but sometimes they’re some dude’s meaty fists. Great fight scenes make movies better, but the best fight scenes transcend their movies and forge their own history. Take the green … Continue reading 10 Best Fight Scenes in Movies

UYBJ – By Seth Godin

* UYBJ [ %5D This is an absolutely terrible acronym for a really important idea. Use Your Best Judgment. Don't wait for someone else to take responsibility. Don't wait for perfect. Don't wait to find this exact situation in the manual or in history. Use your best judgment. My preferred abbreviation is: Go go go. Not … Continue reading UYBJ – By Seth Godin

Did you know..

Did you know... ... that today is the birthday of Neon Lighting? In 1910, French physicist Georges Claude first displayed neon lighting to the public at the Paris Motor Show. In 1923, Claude introduced the signs to the United States by selling two to a Packard car dealership in Los Angeles. Earle C. Anthony purchased … Continue reading Did you know..

10 Sporting Events That Ended in Tragic Deaths of Athletes

by Steve Wynalda fact checked by Darci Heikkinen If you watched the Tokyo Summer Olympics, you were reminded of how jaw-dropping these Olympians’ feats of skill, strength, and endurance can be. But sometimes, it’s good to be reminded that athletes often risk not just failure but their life. Here are 10 instances when athletes lost far more … Continue reading 10 Sporting Events That Ended in Tragic Deaths of Athletes