FP Editor’s Pick – Newsletter


Blatant neglect. It’s a matter of time until an even more dangerous coronavirus variant emerges if the wealthy world continues not to protect immunocompromised people outside its borders, FP’s Laurie Garrett writes.


Westphalian principles. Washington should unambiguously draw a line for Beijing and make it clear that it will defend Taiwanese democracy and oppose its subjugation to China, Danielle Pletka writes.


Wasting time. The West has responded to Afghanistan’s humanitarian catastrophe with hand-wringing and excuses. It must summon the political courage to engage with the Taliban, Ashley Jackson writes.


Escalating war. Cameroon’s forgotten civil war has escalated in recent months, reflecting a hardening of positions by all parties to the conflict, R. Maxwell Bone writes.


False narratives. Thanks to state propaganda, many in Russia believe a war in Ukraine would be swift and easy—because the Ukrainians themselves want to be “liberated,” Natalia Antonova writes.