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From Deep Dives

They trusted a coach with their girls and Ivy League ambitions. Now he’s accused of sex abuse.

Kirk Shipley, the rowing coach at Walt Whitman High in Bethesda, Md., held onto his job through two investigations into his behavior. Then he was arrested.

From Going Global

Barbados declares Rihanna a national hero after ditching Queen Elizabeth II as head of state

Prince Charles, who attended the transition ceremony, said slavery was an “appalling atrocity which forever stains” British history.

From The Fact Checker

Biden’s ‘aggressive’ use of a tax loophole he’s trying to shut down

Tax experts say the Bidens used a tax-avoidance strategy to skirt hundreds of thousands of dollars in Medicare taxes, but is it hypocrisy or clever tax planning?

From Going Global

A shadow war in space is heating up fast

Space Force general: China and Russia are attacking U.S. space assets “every day.”

From Deep Dives

In Ahmaud Arbery’s Georgia community, this group’s demands for justice have had a real impact

A Better Glynn wanted a new police chief, a new district attorney and more police accountability.

Trump’s coverup of his Jan. 6 corruption takes an ominous new turn

The Jan. 6 committee makes new moves to probe Trump’s manipulation of the Justice Department.

Stricter coronavirus testing being weighed for all travelers to U.S.

Biden officials also reviewing additional measures, including self-quarantine for seven days, and retesting after arrival.

Marcus Lamb, head of Daystar, a large Christian network that discouraged vaccines, dies after getting covid-19

Lamb started Daystar, he second-largest Christian TV network in the world, in 1997. Opposing vaccines was a central Daystar focus.

Oxford High School shooting live updates: Student kills three, injures eight, police say

Officers took the 15-year-old suspect into custody around 1 p.m., a few minutes after the first 911 calls came in.

The Beatles are overrated. That’s our fault, not theirs.

The “Get Back” documentary series is a slog that only one band could get away with.