FP Editor’s Picks… Newsletter

1  Betting on Dhaka. Bangladesh has been isolated globally for decades. But it has major geopolitical value on its own merits, separate from India or any other country, Anu Anwar and FP’s Michael Kugelman write.  
2  Scared strongman. Since 2010, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has ruled Hungary like a fiefdom. Now, for the first time in his tenure, he’s fighting for his political life, Paul Hockenos writes.  
3  U.N. power plays. Russia has blocked the appointment of a British United Nations troubleshooter to a Libya envoy role, contributing to diplomatic turmoil ahead of Libya’s upcoming election, FP’s Colum Lynch and Robbie Gramer report.  
4  Growing threat. The Islamic State’s reach is spreading to new parts of the globe—especially in Africa, as the recent Uganda bombings show, Shannon Sedgwick Davis and Tara Candland write.  
5  Twin crises. While the European Union is appalled at Poland’s erosion of the rule of law, Warsaw is using the crisis on its eastern border to distract by playing into the bloc’s fear of unchecked migration, Amanda Coakley reports