Newsletter FP Editor’s Picks


Language of force. U.S. policymakers believe China wants to seize Taiwan by force. But threatening the island is far more advantageous than invading it, A.A. Bastian writes.


“Waste of time.” The Pentagon unveiled its long-anticipated posture review on Monday—to widespread condemnation. Critics say the review fails to move the needle on China, FP’s Jack Detsch reports.


Global failure. The deepening Poland-Belarus border crisis highlights how the present global order cannot cope with large-scale migration, FP’s Stephen M. Walt writes.


Competing interests? Popular narratives often depict Russia as a revisionist power desperate to overthrow the status quo. But in the Middle East, Washington has been disrupting the existing order—not Moscow, Anatol Lieven writes.


Unprecedented smog. Lahore, Pakistan, is one of the world’s most polluted cities. Without comprehensive efforts to combat the city’s toxic air pollution, residents will continue to suffer, Syed Mohammad Ali writes.