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November 29, 2021What Sparks Poetry is a serialized feature that explores experiences and ideas that spark the writing of new poems. In The Poems of Others, invited poets pay homage to the poems that led them to write. Each Monday’s delivery brings you the poem and an excerpt from the essay.First ScreeningbpNichol

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What Sparks Poetry: 
Douglas Luman on bpNichol’s “First Screening”

“The poems are active; they literally reveal themselves. Even on what must be my hundredth viewing, the works are clever and moving solutions of poetic and technical ‘problems.’ Letters flutter, travel, disappear. Linguistic invention gives way to parallel, co-present visual-spatial metaphor. A romance occurs off screen in the code even if the viewer/user doesn’t execute the author-provided code to see it happen (‘Off-Screen Romance’).”READ THIS WEEK’S ISSUE“Robot Artist Performs AI Generated Poetry in Response to Dante”

“If computer programmes, rather than humans, are creating content that in turn shapes and impacts the human psyche and society, then this creates a critical shift and change to the use and impact of language–which we need to be discussing and thinking about.”