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“Metacognition is the capacity or skill to become aware of one’s own mental process. So on the one hand it seems kind of obvious, but if you say, today I’m going to try to notice and simply just notice a part of my mental process I had not yet been aware of. Now that’s interesting because what that is, it’s not just an observational thing. You’ll notice it opens doors to things you never thought of.”

— How to Learn New Ideas Efficiently

Explore Your Curiosity

★ “The faulty narrative I always tell myself is that someday I’m going find enough pieces in books that I’m going to put the puzzle together into an answer for all of these questions that I have —not just about terrible, sad things, like why people have to suffer or why our lives are diminished by the arrangement of the world, but also the wondrous things like love, and the attractions people feel for each other intellectually and otherwise, all of it. I always make the mistake, though, in thinking that I’m going to read my way to the answer. It’s only through my habitual disappointment with the philosophers that I am reminded that there are other experiences that have to happen in order for us to really know anything.”

— Anne Boyerpoet

★ “There’s a tradeoff between the energy put into explaining an idea, and the energy needed to understand it. On one extreme, the explainer can painstakingly craft a beautiful explanation, leading their audience to understanding without even realizing it could have been difficult. On the other extreme, the explainer can do the absolute minimum and abandon their audience to struggle””

— Debt


“You can never tell what apparently small discovery will lead to. Somebody discovers something and immediately a host of experimenters and inventors are playing all the variations upon it.”

— Edison

Tiny Thought

What looks like success is often just patience.

Et Cetera

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P.S. Making a Lego car climb obstacles.