FP Editor’s Pick – Newsletter


Geopolitical chessboard. Russia has transformed the Western Balkans into a virtual chessboard where it vies for influence and power. Moscow wants to see how far it can push before the West reacts, Vesna Pusic writes.


Hazy politics. Young German voters ushered the pro-business Free Democratic Party into power—but the party doesn’t know what it wants, Peter Kuras writes.


Dark decade. The U.N. Libya envoy abruptly resigned just weeks before the country’s critical elections. His sudden departure is a sign that Libya is still falling apart, FP’s Colum Lynch, Jack Detsch, and Robbie Gramer report.


Legacy of violence. European colonists used the death penalty to instill terror and cement foreign domination. African governments must abolish the practice, Caleb Okereke and Patricia Kisesi write.


Vaccine apartheid. The United States promised to be the world’s “arsenal of vaccines”—and failed. Washington must focus instead on making vaccine technology globally accessible, Vidya Krishnan writes.