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Osho : “Gandhi would drink only the milk of a goat, because that is the cheapest animal and poor people can afford it.

I inquired everything about the goat, and I found that his goat was being bathed every day with Lux toilet soap. The food of the goat cost in those days, ten rupees — ten rupees was the salary of a school teacher for one month.

But nobody will look into these matters.

Only one woman, a very intelligent woman in Mahatma Gandhi’s circle, Sarojini Naidu — later on she became the governor of North India — joked once that to keep Mahatma Gandhi poor, we have to destroy treasures.

His poverty is very costly.

But it worked.

As a politician he became the greatest politician, because the poor people thought “This is the man who is our real representative, because he lives like a poor man in a cottage, he drinks goats’ milk, he travels in third class.”

But they don’t know the background — that to maintain his poverty was very costly.

The idea he got was from the Christians.

He was born a Hindu, but he was born in Gujarat, which, although it is a majority Hindu”.