Finding your voice: By Seth Godin

 Finding your voice [ %5D Not your metaphorical voice. I mean your actual voice. It's pretty clear to me that our speaking voice is not the result of the inevitable physical evolution of our vocal cords. It's something our brain figured out how to do with the part of our body that keeps us alive by … Continue reading Finding your voice: By Seth Godin


Burying past baggage biggest outcome of talks with USTR. Read my interview where I also elaborate on India's agenda at the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference in Geneva.

Quotes That Encapsulate Each of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

    The Tarot is not your average deck of cards. Unlike regular playing cards, Tarot is grounded in enigmatic symbols endowed with special meanings that can be applied to our lives: The Magician, Death, The Star, and more. The deck’s uses have run the gamut from sacred practice to a structure for self-insight, but … Continue reading Quotes That Encapsulate Each of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

‘I Run My World’: 17 Empowering Beyoncé Quotes

Beyoncé Knowles has wowed the world with her musical gifts and business prowess for decades, breaking numerous music industry records along the way. Passionate and hardworking, Queen B is a chart-topping performer, entrepreneur, and mother of three whose powerful vocals, singular talent, and trademark confidence continue to set her apart. Beyoncé began singing in local … Continue reading ‘I Run My World’: 17 Empowering Beyoncé Quotes

James Clear Newsletter

“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” 3-2-1: Gratitude, courage, and how to get more of what you want in life read on JAMESCLEAR.COM | NOVEMBER 25, 2021 Happy 3-2-1 Thursday, Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to consider this week... ​ ​ 3 Ideas From Me I. "Doing it right … Continue reading James Clear Newsletter

Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today, besides being Thanksgiving in the United States (Happy Thanksgiving!), is Amistad Victory Day? In 1841, the slaves who seized the Amistad in 1839 were freed by the Supreme Court. The rebellion broke out when the schooner, traveling along the coast of Cuba, was taken over by a group of … Continue reading Did you know…

10 Medical Miracles Doctors Still Can’t Explain

by John Munoz fact checked by Rachel Jones The human body is a mystery. And as far as science and medicine have come—and it is incredibly far—the chemical machines that we are are simply too complicated to master in every infinitesimal, intricate way. Physicians still encounter mysteries daily, and some of them have been seriously strange. Patients … Continue reading 10 Medical Miracles Doctors Still Can’t Explain

Top 10 Movies Never Released

by M David Scott fact checked by Darci Heikkinen Hundreds of new films are released in theaters each year, but some movies never even make it through the production phase. Then there are movies that were completed filming, but for some reason, were never released to be seen in cinemas. Some saw creative differences between those who … Continue reading Top 10 Movies Never Released

10 Most Pointless World Records

by David Long fact checked by Rachel Jones Unless you’ve been living under a rock since before the 1950s, you’ve heard of The Guinness Book of World Records. It is the most authoritative source for world records of all kinds. The guidelines for submitting a world record are relatively loose. Technically speaking, anybody can apply for almost … Continue reading 10 Most Pointless World Records

10 Weird Foods That Are Actually Delicious

by George Smith Our definition of “weird food” is so subjective that it’s difficult to define and call something as it is. At the age of ten, my brother thought that mashed potatoes were a weird food. Most of the world questions the U.S.’s obsession with peanut butter. “Weird” is a cultural and personal culinary designation. … Continue reading 10 Weird Foods That Are Actually Delicious