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From Going Global

Boris Johnson’s Peppa Pig speech forces him to answer the question: ‘Is everything okay?’

“Hands up if you’ve been to Peppa Pig World,” Britain’s leader asked a stunned group of business leaders during an important speech.

From Deep Dives

Kevin Strickland exonerated after 43 years in one of the longest wrongful-conviction cases in U.S. history

Strickland’s wrongful conviction of more than decades is the longest confirmed wrongful conviction in Missouri’s history — and one of the longest in the nation’s history.

From Going Global

Turkish lira plunges to record low as Erdogan doubles down on economic policy his critics call ‘insane’

“We need to abandon this irrational experiment,” one former Turkish central bank deputy governor said as the lira plunged to 13.45 to the dollar.

From Deep Dives

10 photo essays that capture 2021, a year of uncertainty and endurance

It was the year the pandemic wouldn’t end. From New York to Miami to Gaza to Sicily, here’s what it looked like to photographers.

Carolyn Hax: What to say to a co-worker who has a fatal disease?

A co-worker who was only an acquaintance, not a close friend, has a fatal degenerative brain disease, and it’s a struggle to know what to say.

Child is sixth to die after SUV slammed into parade in Wisconsin

The suspect, Darrell E. Brooks Jr., is charged with five counts of homicide, and prosecutors are looking into filing a sixth.

Three cheers for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Count me among those in favor of the new chant.

The teens who hated Abercrombie are the adults shopping there now — and they can’t believe it either

The store still smells the same, but what’s inside has changed a lot.

Malikah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, found dead at her home in New York

The cause of death is not known but police said it did not appear suspicious, as Bernice King tweeted she was “deeply saddened” by the death.

Ask Amy: Daughters say their childhood was traumatic. Their mother is devastated.

A reader is stunned at the revelation that her daughters felt they had horrible childhoods.