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Pandora Papers reveal Emirati royal families’ role in secret money flows
UAE a go-to offshore haven for Africa’s political and business elite, leaked records show
Dominican Republic
US lawmakers call for investigation of Dominican Republic sugar industry
Panama Papers
Germany seeks arrest of senior Panama Papers lawyer
real estate
Secret real estate purchases are a driving force behind the offshore economy
real estate interactive
Real estate interactive: The Land Lords
Denver museum to return looted relics to Cambodia after US moves to seize them
Pandora Papers journalists face government backlash for investigating financial secrecy
Baker McKenzie
How America’s biggest law firm drives global wealth into tax havens
Legions of Christ
As Catholic order fought sex abuse claims, secret trusts devoted to it poured millions into US rental properties
From temples to trusts, a hunt for Cambodia’s looted heritage leads to top museums
As poisoned town sought justice, top chemical giant executive moved millions
US trusts
Suspect foreign money flows into booming US tax havens on promise of eternal secrecy
Rogue Americans shielded money offshore, eluding victims, criminal investigators
Offshore havens and hidden riches of world leaders exposed in unprecedented leak