FP Editor’s Pick via FP newsletter


Soul-searching. Almost a year into the Biden administration, U.S. allies are still questioning Washington’s ability to lead the West as China steadily rises in power, FP’s Robbie Gramer reports.


Fiscally irresponsible? Critics of the Biden’s administration’s social infrastructure bill argue that it will result in high inflation or debt. But those aren’t reasons to avoid spending, Leah Downey writes.


Risky partnership. Months after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, U.S. officials are urging Washington to back anti-Taliban insurgents. That would be a moral and political mistake, Kai Thaler writes.


Warming up. China was reluctant to back Myanmar’s military regime immediately after the February coup. Now, Beijing is betting on its success, John Liu and Thompson Chau write.


Cold welcome. Pakistan has hosted displaced Afghan refugees for decades. But the Taliban takeover has distanced the country from its once-welcoming stance—and forced new refugees into a state of limbo, Betsy Joles reports.