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Top 5 in M&A
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How one approach to M&A is more likely to create value than all others
Two decades of research show that, while large deals still have their place, programmatic M&A strategies continue to create gains in excess total returns to shareholders, at lower levels of risk.
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Post-close excellence in large-deal M&A
Post-close excellence in large-deal M&A
The most successful large-deal transactions follow four key practices during integration execution.
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Winning at private-equity integrations
Winning at private-equity integrations
Private-equity firms use add-ons to scale portfolio companies, but poor integrations impact results. Five practices can ensure that deals flourish.
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Achieving win-win spin-offs
Achieving win-win spin-offs
By acknowledging and addressing four factors relating to execution and operations, ParentCo can separate from SpinCo in a way that creates value for both.
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Record-breaking global M&A activity continues in first half
Key sectors, geographies, and large deals animate the market.
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