Newsletter: FP Editor’s pick


Russian aggression. Moscow’s military buildup on the Ukrainian border is raising eyebrows in Washington—but is it a sign of an imminent military invasion? FP’s Emma Ashford and Matthew Kroenig debate.


Offshore haven. Since the early 1910s, kleptocrats, criminals, and con artists have all deposited their illicit gains in Delaware. The state has raked in billions of dollars in corporate fees, Casey Michel writes.


Stick to the script? U.S. President Joe Biden has repeatedly misspoken about U.S. policy toward Taiwan. But it’s unclear if he’s trying to signal a shifting policy—or just fumbling the details, FP’s Amy Mackinnon and Anna Weber report.


Opening up. China’s Great Firewall isn’t just a tool for censorship—it’s also a trade barrier. When U.S.-China trade talks commence, Washington must push Beijing to open up its internet, Jianli Yang and Lianchao Han write.


What in the world? From Latin American elections to the development of a new COVID-19 treatment pill, this has been a news-packed week. Are you up to speed? Test your knowledge in our weekly news quiz by FP’s Nina Goldman.