Foreign Policy Newsletter : FP Editor’s PIcks


“Creepier by the second.” Peng Shuai, one of China’s top tennis players, is missing after accusing a senior government official of sexual assault. FP’s Chloe Hadavas explains what happened—and why her disappearance marks a turning point for Beijing.


Thawing relations? After months of tensions, India and Pakistan eased their respective border restrictions this week. It could signal a larger political shift as both countries recalibrate their relationship, FP’s C. Raja Mohan writes.


Troubling buildup. U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are preparing for a virtual summit just as Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine sounds alarm bells in Washington, FP’s Amy Mackinnon reports.


State strikes. A year after the Ugandan government killed scores of citizens during protests, nobody has been held accountable. State violence has become increasingly entrenched within the country, Liam Taylor reports.


Climate hypocrisy. Western countries have been shamelessly benefiting from African forests for decades. They must admit their complicity in overseas deforestation, Muhammed Magassy writes.