FP Editor’s picks via FP NEWSLETTER


Escalating tensions. U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first face-to-face meeting failed to produce major breakthroughs—but it did lower the temperature as geopolitical tensions rise, FP’s Amy Mackinnon reports.


Dangerous campaign. Last month, throngs of Italian anti-vaccine advocates stormed the country’s parliament amid nationwide demonstrations. They are part of an increasingly militant and violent movement, Ryan Broderick writes.


Climate model. At COP26, developed donor countries struck an impressive coal agreement with South Africa. If they pursue similar agreements around the world, they could accelerate global decarbonization, Nicholas Kumleben writes.


New agenda. Under the threat of the climate crisis, the G-7 is adopting an ambitious new political project that could radically reshape international governance, FP’s Azeem Ibrahim writes.


Mounting pressure. China urged Republican lawmakers to cancel their trip to Taiwan last week, with the warning that it could jeopardize the “One China” status quo, FP’s Jack Detsch reports.