FP Editor’s picks – via FP newsletter


Tough on China? For the first time in years, Japan’s new foreign minister was appointed for his qualifications rather than his party politics. His big test now is navigating relations with Beijing, William Sposato writes.


Master pretenders. Around the world, authoritarian leaders invoke the law to justify repressive policies. Their approach is farcical—and entirely rational, FP’s Steven A. Cook writes.


Blueprint for peace. Ethiopia’s war has left a trail of suffering and humanitarian catastrophe. The pathway to peace lies in the recognition of each side’s grievances, Adem K. Abebe writes.


Chasing novelty. As Bulgarians head to the polls this weekend, new political parties are emerging faster than ever—part of a global trend with unsettling implications, Kevin Deegan-Krause and Tim Haughton write.


What in the world? From assassination attempts to escalating civil wars, this has been a busy week. Are you up to date? Test yourself in our weekly news quiz by FP’s Nina Goldman.