FP Editor’s Pick


Only children. China once hailed the one-child policy as a stroke of political genius. But as Beijing tries desperately to boost birth rates, the policy seems to have left a permanent impression, Helen Gao writes.


Escalating extremism. The Haqqani network has long been the most vicious element of the Taliban. With Haqqanis now at the helm, the group will only become more radical, Abdul Sayed and Colin P. Clarke write.


Colonialism in green. At COP26, rich countries are pursuing ambitious climate goals on the backs of the world’s poor. Their policies are colonialism at its worst, Vijaya Ramachandran writes.


Intertwined fates. Washington has endorsed an international tax deal that will enrich the U.S. middle class at the expense of their global counterparts. The plan will come back to haunt the United States, Tim Hirschel-Burns writes.


Common ground. U.S.-Russian relations have been rocky in recent years. A new joint experiment to study long-term space travel could prove to be a rare bright spot, Matthew Luxmoore reports.