Newsletter: FP Editor’s Picks


Blank check. The United States has long given the United Arab Emirates a blank check as it advances destabilizing policies around the world. But the UAE’s bad behavior undermines U.S. interests abroad and at home, Jon Hoffman writes.


Massive backlog. The U.S. Senate’s partisan gridlock has reached new heights. Almost a year into the Biden administration, just five of the president’s ambassador nominees have been confirmed, FP’s Robbie Gramer and Anna Weber report.


Existential threat. Russian-backed Serbian secessionist forces keep threatening to break up Bosnia to obtain concessions. NATO needs to push back against these hostage tactics, Majda Ruge writes.


COP26 controversy. The Scottish National Party is capitalizing on attention from COP26 to make the case for Scottish independence. But only fossil fuels would give Scotland the economic power to leave now, FP’s Azeem Ibrahim writes.


Still stranded. Months after the U.S. withdrawal, the State Department believes as many as 14,000 U.S. residents are still stuck in Afghanistan, FP’s Jack Detsch, Kelly Kimball, and Robbie Gramer report.