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Sylvia Legris

Damp-squib grammar of pretty things and wild mignonette.Quercitron bark. Old fustic’s persistently pissy stamen,the peony-stained wallpaper. Despite the conspicuous hot spots,sun, chrysanthemum, coreopsis, yellow’s a letdown nevertheless.The repeating motifs? Killers. Jasmine twill, jasmine trellis …Trifoliate moth-traps these wool and cotton undersellers.Envisage Little Chintz or Corncockle (where the flower playsbut a minor part), or an indigo-discharged rose. And the bugs!Kermes, cochineal. A scuffle of ripe and ruin among rosebudand campion, columbine and vine. So heartsunk am I of tusser silkand cotton velveteen. Fuffling if nothing this art of color or perish.Lacking compassion for lac-dye and up to the elbows in vermillionmelodrama … I’m dyeing, I’m dyeing …
from the book GARDEN PHYSIC / New Directions