Newsletter: FP Editor’s Picks

1  Duterte’s dalliance. When Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte took office, he pledged to realign the country away from the United States in favor of China. He is now reversing course, Derek Grossman writes.  
2  Violent trade. Mexico’s illegal drug trade has long been shrouded in the cliches of horror and impunity. A new book sets out to wrestle truth from these smokescreens, Ann Deslandes writes.  
3  Surprise victory? As Central Europe slides toward populism, the Czech Republic’s political turnaround has been heralded as a liberal victory. But the recent election doesn’t signal a regional shift, Ondrej Ditrych writes.  
4  State of fear. Beijing is scaling down militarization across Xinjiang while increasing internal surveillance and propaganda. The underlying model is still one of oppression and terror, Daria Impiombato writes.  
5  Curbing power. Iraq’s election results show that voters want a strong government and weaker militias. It could reflect an important shift in the country’s politics, Shelly Kittleson writes.