Did you know..

Did you know... ... that today is Spain's Gift Day? On this day in 1785, the first jackasses arrived in America, landing at Boston Harbor from Spain. They were a gift from the King of Spain to President George Washington. They were sent to the fledgling nation so they could be mated with female horses … Continue reading Did you know..

POEM of the day via Poem.com

 Fawn LakeCatherine PondYou like sex with other womenbecause it makes you feel safe,she says. Nothing makes mefeel safe, I explain. She is marriedbut when her daughter winsthe fishing contest at Sacandaga,she offers me the prize trout.Later, loosening the fleshfrom the spine, I do not feelrelieved, or thankful. She who knowsme best believed I might benourished … Continue reading POEM of the day via Poem.com

10 Famous Gangster Hideouts

10 Famous Gangster Hideouts by Patrick Welshfact checked by Rachel Jones Think of the 1920s, and you might picture something along the lines of Leonardo Dicaprio and his portrayal of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. Images of flapper dresses, a sexual revolution, lavish parties, and the contrasting strict prohibition may also come to mind. Little did the prohibitionists … Continue reading 10 Famous Gangster Hideouts

Top Ten Macabrely Coolest Bugs in the World

Top Ten Macabrely Coolest Bugs in the World by D.A. Cairnsfact checked by Darci Heikkinen Eighty percent of the world’s animal species are insects, which is to say there are likely more than one million species of bugs, and some experts estimate as many as 10 million. They are under the ground, on the ground, and above … Continue reading Top Ten Macabrely Coolest Bugs in the World

Entitlement by Seth Godin

Entitlement [ https://p.feedblitz.com/r3.asp?l=181633132&f=1081591&c=7985580&u=5102652 %5D A feeling of entitlement is hard won. You suffered to get to this spot. You were mistreated. You worked hard. You paid your dues. You were treated unfairly. It's your turn. Justice demands it. You're aggrieved. Or perhaps the thing you've worked so hard on is magical, special and totally worth people's attention. … Continue reading Entitlement by Seth Godin

Cry When You Bleed, Laugh When You Eat.

Before I get to the above difficult IDIOM, let me share this: The fact is I am struggling to find the real meaning of this IDIOM : Cry When You Bleed, Laugh When You Eat. SO I went searching for the meaning. I found some of the Picture quotes very meaningful. Then I thought let … Continue reading Cry When You Bleed, Laugh When You Eat.

Australia pivots on climate with 2050 net zero target, but won’t adopt steeper 2030 commitment


The Mask by Maya Angelou

The Mask by Maya Angelou Race in US History Maya Angelou adapted the 1896 poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar, “We Wear the Mask,” in the following spoken-word poem. We wear the mask that grins and lies. It shades our cheeks and hides our eyes. This debt we pay to human guile With torn and bleeding … Continue reading The Mask by Maya Angelou

12 Quotes From Great Enlightenment Thinkers

    Science, philosophy, and government all underwent upheavals during the Enlightenment era in Europe, which lasted from the late 1600s to the early 1800s. It was known at the time as a new “Age of Reason'' that centered rational thought above all else. The Enlightenment was sparked by seminal works such as Isaac Newton’s Principia … Continue reading 12 Quotes From Great Enlightenment Thinkers

Surprisingly Good Advice From Movie Villains

If there’s one thing audiences love to watch more than a hero, it’s a villain. Whether they’re making life difficult for the protagonist or staring down the hero in a final breathtaking battle scene, villains are what give our favorite movies balance. It’s a fact understood that a victory is only made sweeter when the … Continue reading Surprisingly Good Advice From Movie Villains

7 of the Most Memorable World Series in Baseball History

In 1956, the New York Yankees' Don Larsen, an 'imperfect man,' pitched a perfect game—the only one in World Series history.CHRIS MUELLER https://www.history.com/news/memorable-world-series-moments-baseball-history?cmpid=email-hist-inside-history-2021-1025-10252021&om_rid=399c7e2f8a319bbebc23a7254035fc62afc6d5f3be32d341a265af690cb313d2&~campaign=hist-inside-history-2021-1025

The Crime of Passion That Led to Babe Ruth’s Epic World Series Home Run

A remarkable chain of events links an attempted murder to the Bambino's called shot blast against the Chicago Cubs in 1932.CHRISTOPHER KLEIN https://history.com/news/babe-ruth-famous-world-series-home-run-1932?cmpid=email-hist-inside-history-2021-1025-10252021&om_rid=399c7e2f8a319bbebc23a7254035fc62afc6d5f3be32d341a265af690cb313d2&~campaign=hist-inside-history-2021-1025

10 of the Biggest Blunders in World Series History

Some of the Fall Classic’s most infamous mistakes were committed by MLB stars such as the New York Yankees' Babe Ruth and Mariano Rivera.CHRISTOPHER KLEIN https://www.history.com/news/infamous-world-series-blunders-errors?cmpid=email-hist-inside-history-2021-1025-10252021&om_rid=399c7e2f8a319bbebc23a7254035fc62afc6d5f3be32d341a265af690cb313d2&~campaign=hist-inside-history-2021-1025

Newsletter WaPo: Today’s WorldView

      By Ishaan Tharoorwith Erin Cunningham Email The indisputable harm caused by Facebook In this 2014 file photo, people pose in front of a screen projected with a Facebook logo in Zenica, Bosnia. A decade ago, Facebook could do no wrong. The rising social media company was at the vanguard of America’s embrace of tech positivism. … Continue reading Newsletter WaPo: Today’s WorldView

What Was the 1919 ‘Black Sox’ Baseball Scandal?

In 1919, Chicago White Sox players allegedly threw the World Series. It remains one of professional baseball’s most notorious scandals https://www.history.com/news/black-sox-baseball-scandal-1919-world-series-chicago?cmpid=email-hist-inside-history-2021-1025-10252021&om_rid=399c7e2f8a319bbebc23a7254035fc62afc6d5f3be32d341a265af690cb313d2&~campaign=hist-inside-history-2021-1025

FP Newsletter: Editor’s Picks

1 Sham meritocracy. China’s ultracompetitive and tightly controlled meritocratic system once propelled its economic rise. But it has fostered burnout among young Chinese, Helen Gao writes. 2 Get serious. Washington has been behaving like an incompetent superpower. If it wants to influence global politics and improve Americans’ quality of life, it needs to focus on real threats, FP’s … Continue reading FP Newsletter: Editor’s Picks

Top 10 Classic Cocktails And Their Histories

by R. Vega fact checked by Jamie Frater We love to imbibe! The sound of a shaker tossing around chunks of ice as pristine spirits splash around inside. The condensation on a half-finished Old Fashioned. The glorious variety or colors, glassware and garnishes. Having a cocktail and feeling socially loose and lubricated is a pleasure many of … Continue reading Top 10 Classic Cocktails And Their Histories