MOving Lyrics from Beatles Songs

I found that love was more
Than just holding hands
 “If I Fell,” A Hard Day’s Night, 1964


I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love
 “Can’t Buy Me Love,” A Hard Day’s Night, 1964


Tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun
 “I’ll Follow the Sun,” Beatles for Sale, 1964


When I was younger, so much younger than today
I never needed anybody’s help in any way
But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured
Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors
 “Help!,” Help!, 1965


Life is very short and there’s no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend
 “We Can Work It Out,” Rubber Soul, 1965


There are places I’ll remember
All my life though some have changed.
Some forever not for better.
Some have gone and some remain.
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall.
Some are dead and some are living.
In my life, I’ve loved them all
 “In My Life,” Rubber Soul, 1965


All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
All the lonely people, where do they all belong?
 “Eleanor Rigby,” Revolver, 1966


Keeping an eye on the world going by my window
Taking my time
 “I’m Only Sleeping,” Revolver, 1966


I get by with a little help from my friends
 “With a Little Help From My Friends,” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967


I’ve got to admit it’s getting better,
A little better all the time
 “Getting Better,” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967


And the time will come when you see we’re all one
And life flows on within you and without you
 “Within You Without You,” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967


There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
 “All You Need Is Love,” Magical Mystery Tour, 1967


Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time
It’s easy
All you need is love
 “All You Need Is Love,” Magical Mystery Tour, 1967


Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It’s getting hard to be someone, but it all works out
 “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Magical Mystery Tour, 1967


I don’t know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love
 “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” The Beatles (The White Album), 1968


All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
 “Blackbird,” The Beatles (The White Album), 1968


The sun is up, the sky is blue
It’s beautiful, and so are you
– “Dear Prudence,” The Beatles (The White Album), 1968


Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better.
 “Hey Jude,” Hey Jude, 1968


Well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
 “Hey Jude,” Hey Jude, 1968


Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right
 “Here Comes the Sun,” Abbey Road, 1969


And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make
 “The End,” Abbey Road, 1969


One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
 “Come Together,” Abbey Road, 1969


You and I have memories
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead
 “Two of Us,” Let It Be, 1970


And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me
Shine on ’til tomorrow, let it be.
 “Let It Be,” Let It Be, 1970


Limitless undying love which shines around me like a
Million suns, it calls me on and on,
Across the universe
 “Across the Universe,” Let It Be, 1970


The long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear
 “The Long and Winding Road,” Let It Be, 1970