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While treating an old farmer, the Doc struck a conversation with him.
Eventually the topic got around to Rahul Gandhi and his role. The farmer said, ‘Well sahib, Rahul is a “Khambe ka Kachhua!”
Not being familiar with the term, the Doc asked, what “Khambe ka Kachhua” was? Thinking face
The old farmer said, ‘When you’re walking down a village road and if you come across a khamba (a fence post) with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a “Khambe ka Kachhua”.

The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued…”You know he didn’t get up there by himself,
he doesn’t belong up there,
he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there,
he’s elevated beyond his ability to function &
you just wonder which idiots put him up there, to begin with!”
The doctor was awe struck!

Never came across such a perfectly fitting, comprehensive description!
Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

And #RaGa turns 51 today.


Delphic DEL-fikPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Greek, late 14th century
1(Typically of a pronouncement) deliberately obscure or ambiguous.
Examples of Delphic in a sentence “The commentators’ election predictions were Delphic and hard to follow.” “The man sitting at the bar had a mysterious, Delphic air about him.”

Intellifusion Newsletter- global security landscap

Here’s your weekly rundown of the global security landscape, highlighting key incidents that have taken place from each region in the last seven days; 
Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Asia?
MIDDLE EAST & ASIAİzmir, TurkeyOn 17th June, a lone gunman broke into the office of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in the Konak district of Izmir, killing one civilian. The attacker is believed to have been intending to target a planned meeting of approximately 40 party officials which was cancelled shortly before the attack. The attacker, Onur Gencer, was arrested at the scene and claimed that he carried out the attack because of his hatred for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The attacker also claimed that he was not affiliated with any group, however, images taken from Gencer’s social media accounts show him making hand gestures of the nationalist ‘Grey Wolves’ group. 
Insight Weekly - Europe Image
EUROPEBirmingham, United KingdomThis week, members of the activist group ‘Palestine Action’ disrupted the operations of the Arconic Factory in Kitts Green, Birmingham. The action began with an activist lying across the road of the factory’s entrance, appearing to divert attention away from another activist who was spraying red paint on the building. Two other activists later climbed onto the roof of the factory, apparently disrupting the factory’s operations which required police to attend. The protest was over the company’s role of doing business with the Israel Army and supplying cladding to the Grenfell Tower. Arconic appears to have become a new target for Palestine Action; whose actions are often promoted and supported by other activist groups such as the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. Prior to this week, Elbit Defence Systems was targeted by Palestine Action across the UK, with factories, offices and affiliated businesses being subject to protests and vandalism. Arconic can expect the same to occur against it in the weeks to come at any factory or office they own. Additionally, any firm which conducts business with any element of the Israeli government or operates in Israel can likely anticipate that Palestine Action and other activist groups considers them a future target. With the type of direct action the group and its affiliates engage in, it may be necessary for businesses to create counter-activist procedures in order to protect their people, assets and reputation.
Intelligence Insight Weekly - What's Happening in Africa?
AFRICATunis, TunisiaClashes broke out over several consecutive nights between residents and police in Sidi Hassine, Tunis Governorate, after the death of a young man in detention. The incident brought police brutality in the country into sharp focus with it occurring just days after widespread anger over footage which showed a man being stripped and beaten by police. Protests have spread to other areas of Tunis such as Intilaka and Cite Ettadhamen. The National Union of Tunisian Journalists have called for nationwide protests on 18th June to denounce police brutality. During protests in Cite Ettadhamen, protesters also condemned marginalisation, an indication that continued anger related to marginalisation and poor socio-economic conditions remain in working-class neighbourhoods in Tunis. There were widespread protests in Tunis and other cities in Tunisia in January 2021 over poor socio-economic conditions. Multiple protests against police violence have also broken out since the start of 2021, during which protesters called for Prime Minister, Hichem Mechich, to resign. Activists also expressed concern in 2020 over attempts to pass a police protection law. 
Insight Weekly - North America Image
NORTH AMERICAUnited States and MexicoOn 15th June, the United States Secretary of Homeland Security and the Foreign Secretary of Mexico agreed to strengthen measures to reduce illegal migration in the region. The move comes a week after a pact was signed to address the lack of economic opportunities in Central American countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador which makes up a large share of illegal migration. The agreement to strengthen measures comes as the number of undocumented migrants crossing the United States border has increased in recent months. Part of the agreement looks to address root causes in Central American countries, including addressing violence, corruption, and lack of economic opportunities. Illegal migration continues to be a contentious issue in the United States with Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, recently putting out a proposal to continue building barriers along the border. This would reportedly use 250 million USD in state money and crowdsourced financing. Additional details about the project are vague, and the project will likely see litigation impact it. The routes undocumented migrants use through Mexico are also plagued by security issues posed by cartel activity which puts migrants at risk of homicide, extortion, and kidnapping. Illegal migration is likely to continue at significant levels in the short-term until significant measures can be put in place to deter undocumented migrants.
Insight Weekly - South America Image
SOUTH AMERICACúcuta, ColombiaOn 15th June, a vehicle bomb exploded at a military base in Cúcuta, a city located near Colombia’s northern border with Venezuela. An SUV driven by two people posing as public officials entered the base at 12:35pm and exploded twice after it had been parked next to a building for over two hours. 36 people were wounded, including two U.S. advisors. The attack has not yet been claimed. Colombian authorities believe that the National Liberation Army (ELN) is most likely to be responsible. However, several dissident factions of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) cannot be ruled out. Intelligence Fusion’s data shows that the ELN and FARC dissidents have a strong presence in the region, with both leftist guerrilla groups having used vehicle bombs before to target military and police. One faction of FARC dissidents that is particularly suspected is the Segunda Marquetalia, which may have committed the attack to avenge its leader, Jesús Santrich, who was recently killed by Colombian special forces in Venezuela.
⌨️🖥️📝 An Intelligence Fusion Report A closer look at key incidents and events, providing you with wider analysis on security trends, evolving patterns and unexplored geopolitical themes from every corner of the globe.
Insurgency in Mozambique: Oil and Gas under threat? The insurgency in Mozambique hit international headlines in early 2021 following a deadly attack on Palma – just a few kilometres away from the multi-billion dollar Total Energy site in Afungi. This report explores the origins, background, tactics, targets, significant activities of the group behind these attacks, some possible scenarios going forward, and the threat level presented by the Mozambique insurgency.
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Interesting phrase” Tall Poppy Syndrome”

The tall poppy syndrome is the cultural phenomenon of jealous people holding back or directly attacking those who are perceived to be better than the norm, “cutting down the tall poppy“. It describes a draw towards humility.

Commonly in Australia and New Zealand, “Cutting down the tall poppy” is used to describe those who deliberately put down another for another’s success and achievements.

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict – 19 June

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict – 19 June 

This day commemorates the victims and survivors of sexual violence and pays tribute to those who have stood up to eradicate these crimes. 

Content marketing ideas:     

  • Listicle idea: X Tips to help a victim of domestic abuse/violence  
  • Infographic idea: X Subtle signs of an emotionally abusive relationship  
  • Video idea: Why is it so difficult to get out of a toxic relationship? 
  • Podcast idea: How can you talk to your child about sexual abuse? 

Bootstrapped founder Newsletter on SELF PROMOTION.

Dear founder,

I used to think all self-promotion was wrong — at all times.

Being raised in Germany, I developed a severe case of tall poppy syndrome — the phenomenon of people holding back so they wouldn’t stand out from the rest. It’s an eclectic mix of jealousy and self-limitation, and I have realized just how destructive it can be not to promote yourself for this reason. Self-promotion is a necessary part of building something meaningful in public. People won’t find you or your work when you don’t share it with the world.

But not all self-promotion is right, either. Too many times have I seen people join a community only to immediately blast their advertisements into the activity feeds and comment boxes of the platform they just became a part of. Shortly after, a disgruntled community administrator will have booted the spammer out of the community, leaving nothing but a bitter aftertaste and a lot of cleanup work.

If you prefer listening over reading, you can listen to this episode of The Bootstrapped Founder on my podcast.

There is a line between self-empowerment and enraging a community. There is a way to self-promote without causing the recipients to frown at what you have to say. Two methods of self-promotion exist: selfish and selfless self-promotion. Let’s talk about both, how they are received, and which one you can reliably use for your own entrepreneurial ambitions.

There is one defining difference between the two: a selfish self-promoter says, “I made this!”, while the selfless self-promoter says, “I made this for you!

Selfless Self-Promotion

If you have been part of a community for a while, listened to their conversations, understood the challenges they face by participating in the community, and are working on a solution with and for the people in it, talking about your work will always happen within the context of your previous engagement with the community. It will never be seen as an aimless advertisement.

This context is vital: if people understand that you’re not promoting yourself alone but are actually promoting something for them, they will meet your messages with encouragement and support.

You can witness this on Twitter all the time. An entrepreneur who has been sharing their knowledge for weeks and months compiles their expertise into a course or an ebook. They launch their product which is met with resounding approval by the community, often being significantly amplified.

People support creators in their marketing efforts because they want them to succeed. The creator’s success is their success because there is a certain level of identification between the creator and their audience. This relationship removes any notion of selfishness from public perception. A product created with and for a community of real people experiencing real problems can’t be the result of a selfish act.

It is this quality of selflessness that makes community-friendly self-promotion possible. Instead of climbing on a stage, having all the lights pointed at you, and loudly proclaiming what a genius founder you are for having created this product, you are a peer among the other people in your community, and you contribute a solution to a critical problem that is widely felt in the community. Your contribution is all about them.

Selfish Self-Promotion

Now, let’s look at the exact opposite. Selfish self-promotion is the rotten apple that spoils the bunch for the rest of us. If all you care about is making a quick buck by spamming your affiliate links into a community, you’ll quickly find that people will promptly boo you off their stage.

It’s just disrespectful. You joined a community that took years to establish. People have been building social structures and formed long-term relationships there. Who are you to break open the door, yell about your product that nobody knows about, and expect to be responded to kindly?

Without context, people will always be skeptical. Particularly when defending their communities, they’ll be cautious. You are obligated to show that you’re benign and have good intentions before you can talk about your work. This takes time and effort — both of these are at the core of community-building.

If you don’t put in the work, you won’t see any results.

If you don’t make your promotion about the people it’s actually for, you will earn distrust. You will be considered a danger to the integrity of the community you’re advertising in.

If you make your self-promotion about yourself and not your peers, you leave no chance for them to find themselves in your story.

The only way to self-promote in a world of tight-knit communities is to selflessly self-promote.

On that note…

This episode of the Bootstrapped Founder newsletter is sponsored by… me! Please check out my latest book, The Embedded Entrepreneur, which will teach you how to find problems that are worth solving by embedding yourself in a community. You’ll learn how to find the people you’ll want to serve, how to get into their communities, and how to build an audience while you build a product with and for the people you’re surrounding yourself with.

Head over to embeddedentrepreneur.com to learn more. And tell your friends: riches are in the niches, and we can all find the people we’re mean to serve and build a life-changing business in the process.

Communities and Self-Promotion

Now that you can focus on being selfless in your marketing efforts, a word of warning: many communities still consider all self-promotion to be selfish. They have witnessed too many veiled attempts by marketers trying to subvert their communities into an advertisement channel.

Reddit is the archetype of a “no self-promotion” platform. Most Reddit communities have stringent rules and will quickly ban people who promote their products or services. In fact, Reddit is known to apply these rules strictly to the very administrators who enforce those rules.

Here’s a tip:

  1. Reach out to moderators long before you even start talking about your stuff.
  2. Ask them how you can talk about your work without sounding selfish.
  3. Explain to them what motivates you and how you want to help their community.

Every community treats this differently, so you will need to do your research and talk to the people protecting the community from harm.

You’ll see diverging levels of acceptance and understanding for self-promotion depending on the platform you’re using. Where Reddit is very extreme in suppressing self-promotion, platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter will be much more forgiving.

A rule of thumb is the presence of invite-only groups or self-governance. Once you’re in an exclusive group or a community governed not by a central platform but by the community members, be wary: retribution for selfish self-promotion without context will be swift.

We live in a world of tribal communities that are very protective of the structures they have built. Don’t expect to be able to market your business without contributing to communities first. Understand that it will take time and significant effort to establish a reputation within a community — but the rewards are plentiful. Once people understand the context of your self-promotion to be about them, they will amplify and support your efforts in ways you never imagined before.

“I built this FOR YOU!” is the core of every selfless self-promotion approach. Make everything about your audience, and they will make it happen for you.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of The Bootstrapped Founder.

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See you next week!

Warm Regards from Berlin,