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A Safe Space Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about data privacy in their interactions with tools that support financial decision-making. This article summarizes experimental research on the relationship between privacy concerns and consumers’ use of financial support tools.
National Identity and Covid-19 Behaviors In a massive international collaboration, more than 200 researchers recently examined the adoption of public health behaviors and support of public policy interventions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Results reported in this article show that a strong national identity can be linked to greater engagement in public health behaviors and greater support for public health policies.
When Red Means “Go” Color can affect judgment and decision making, and its effects may vary across cultures. New research reported in this article shows that cross-cultural color effects on risk preferences are influenced by personal associations of color-gain/loss. The study finds a cultural reactance effect, a phenomenon in which people who hold culturally incongruent (vs. cultural mainstream) color associations show a stronger risk preference. 
Is It Loyalty or Habit? Marketing theories on loyalty mostly dismiss the idea that consumer’s repeated usage of the brand may be a result of a habit, rather than any emotional commitment to the brand. As a result, loyalty marketing often misses one vital component of generating customer stickiness – trying to convert brand choice into a habit.