Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day? Today is dedicated to improving the health of seniors by helping them stay fit and healthy. Trivia buffs: The number of people 60 years and older will rise in numbers from 900 million to 2 billion between 2015 and 2050.


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.”

— Jimmy Buffet

Sunk costs, creativity and your Practice- Seth Godin’s Blog

* Sunk costs, creativity and your Practice [ https://p.feedblitz.com/r3.asp?l=178413975&f=1081591&c=7691303&u=5102652 ]

“Ignore sunk costs” is the critical lesson of useful decision making.

The thing you earned, that you depend on, that was hard to do–it’s a gift from your former self. Just because you have a law degree, a travel agency or the ability to do calligraphy in Cyrillic doesn’t mean that your future self is obligated to accept that gift.

We hold on to the old competencies and our hard-earned status roles far longer than we should. The only way to be creative is to do something new, and the path to something new requires leaving something else behind.

New decisions based on new information are at the heart of leadership. But you can’t make those decisions if you’re also busy calculating how much the old decisions cost you.

Creativity is the generous act of solving an interesting problem on behalf of someone else. It’s a chance to take emotional and intellectual risks with generosity.

Do that often enough and you can create a practice around it. It’s not about being gifted or touched by the muse. Instead, our creative practice (whether you’re a painter, a coach or a fundraiser) is a commitment to the problems in front of us and the people who will benefit from a useful solution to them.

I built a workshop on creativity that’s run by the folks at Akimbo. The fourth session starts this week. If you’re ready to get serious about your art, whatever form it takes, I hope you’ll check it out.

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25th May 2021 MOST READ THIS WEEK: Israel-Palestine – Escalations in Conflict
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The month of May was dominated by the escalation in conflict between militant groups in the Gaza Strip and Israeli forces, with thousands of rockets fired towards Israel, and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes, causing heavy casualties. We put together a short intelligence report in the first few days of the conflict to explore the causes of the escalation, the sorts of incidents we were seeing from both parties, and what further escalations we expected to see.  ⇒ CONTINUE READING
Land-Based Maritime Threats Africa - YouTube Thumbnail
 What are the land-based drivers of maritime threats? 95% of all kidnappings by pirates in 2020 took place in the Gulf of Guinea, now the epicentre of piracy off the coast of Africa – and one of the most dangerous seas in the world. So what is driving this pirate threat? And how does what happens on land help fuel incidents at sea? In this episode of The Insight, we explore the drivers of piracy in Africa, taking a look at what helped cause piracy in Somalia, what is driving piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, and how we can learn from this to identify when and where the next threat is coming from.
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MORE VIDEO:  How to: Use the Intelligence Cycle
How do we make sure our clients get clear, accurate intelligence they can act on quickly? By using the Intelligence Cycle – a military principle that helps ensure consistency across all our intelligence gathering. We put together this video to show how it works in practice  ⇒ FIND OUT MORE 
Coming soon: A Guide to Threat Intelligence for Mining
FREE GUIDE:Mining is an industry of significance for a number of countries across the world, making security for mining operations a key priority. Keep an eye out for our downloadable guide on the physical and reputational threats faced by mining operations, and where threat intelligence for mining can play a crucial role in supporting the industry.
Coming soon: Insurgency in the north of Mozambique
INTELLIGENCE REPORT:The March 2021 attack on Palma, in the Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique, led to countless deaths – including those of foreign workers – thousands of displaced people, and caused energy giant Total to suspend its multi-billion dollar gas project located just 25km from the site of the attack. We take a look at the wider insurgency taking place in the region.
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COMING SOON:  What are the key security risks to gold mining in the central Sahel Region?
The central Sahel region of Africa, comprising Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, is home to some of the world’s richest gold deposits, and a number of valuable industrial mining projects. It’s also home to political instability, widespread poverty and spreading jihadist violence. We’ll take a detailed look at the different threats facing gold mining companies in the region. 
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26th May 2021

Vesak, the Day of the Full Moon –
26 May

full moon

This day marks the day the Buddha was born, as well as the day of his enlightenment and passing.

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  • Video idea: Different forms of Buddhism and how they are distinct
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