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Decoding the sign – by Seth Godin

* Decoding the sign [ %5D A “Deer Xing” sign isn't there to tell the deer where to cross the road. It's there to let drivers know that this is the spot where deer often choose to cross the road. Because deer can't read signs, and even if they could, they probably wouldn't bother to obey … Continue reading Decoding the sign – by Seth Godin

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Newsletter

My mission is simple. I want to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams. I want to help you make your life a little better. Thank you for subscribing! Life is good. Are You Stuck in a Rut? It’s Time to Adjust! Adding awareness gives us … Continue reading Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Newsletter


WORD OF THE DAY Irrefragableih-REF-rə-gə-blPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Latin, mid 16th century 1Not able to be refuted or disproved; indisputable.   Examples of Irrefragable in a sentence "As a student, it was Kevin’s irrefragable right to play football on school property." "It was an irrefragable truth that Wren was the best manager that the restaurant had ever employed."