A QUOTE TO THINK ABOUT “I learned some useful things ... though they were mostly about what not to do. I learned that it's better for technology companies to be run by product people than sales people (though sales is a real skill and people who are good at it are really good at it), … Continue reading A QUOTE TO THINK ABOUT

Backward about coming forward

* Backward about coming forward [ https://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/649401200/0/sethsblog/posts~Backward-about-coming-forward/ %5D If your comment is helpful to anyone else, than it's generous indeed. Holding back is selfish, because it deprives the group of your insight at the same time that it normalizes non-participation. If you're wondering, so is someone else.

Wisdom Quotes

Let your dreams, not your nightmares, define who you are.Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. (Robert H. Schuller)==========You can change neither the currents nor the tides, but you can use the winds to change direction.I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my … Continue reading Wisdom Quotes


WORD OF THE DAY ConfrereKAN-frehrPart of speech: nounOrigin: French, mid 18th century 1A fellow member of a profession; a colleague   Examples of Confrere in a sentence "Since I don’t know the answer to that question, I’ll refer you to my confrere." "The meetup was the perfect opportunity for Reyna to meet confreres in her field."


WORD OF THE DAY Taxonomytak-SAH-nə-meePart of speech: nounOrigin: French, 19th century 1The branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics.2The classification of something, especially organisms.   Examples of Taxonomy in a sentence "Animal taxonomy moves from general to specific characteristics." "In order to pass her botany examination, Kelly had to have familiarity with plant taxonomy." WORD OF THE DAY … Continue reading W.O.T.D.