Ten reasons to write a book – by Seth Godin.

* Ten reasons to write a book [ https://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/647184362/0/sethsblog/posts~Ten-reasons-to-write-a-book/ %5D More than ten, actually. Millions of books will be published this year and for good reason. People rarely regret the effort. Everyone has their own, but here are some of the reasons to get you started: It clarifies your thinking. It leaves behind a record of where … Continue reading Ten reasons to write a book – by Seth Godin.


WORD OF THE DAY PleonasmPLEE-ə-naz-əmPart of speech: nounOrigin: Greek, mid 16th century 1The use of more words than are necessary to convey meaning (e.g. see with one's eyes), either as a fault of style or for emphasis.   Examples of Pleonasm in a sentence "I enjoyed the book despite the author’s tendency toward pleonasm." "Karen edited her papers carefully to cut … Continue reading W.O.T.D.

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DONATEWelcome back!We’ve got the mining industry on our minds this week at ICIJ.That’s because a regular character from past investigations has been back in the headlines. You may remember Israeli tycoon Dan Gertler from Paradise Papers, Panama Papers, and Swiss Leaks. Our 2017 reporting revealed details of the billionaire's secret deals and relationship with commodity … Continue reading VIA: ICIJ Newsletter

Seasoned Nuts Quotable – PNUTs Newsletter

“The humanities teach us the value, even for business, of criticism and dissent. When there's a culture of going along to get along, where whistleblowers are discouraged, bad things happen and businesses implode.” -- Martha Nussbaum “If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.” -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today is Pet Passport Day? In 2000, a Shetland sheepdog named Lucy became the first dog to fly into Great Britain under a new pet passport law. The dog flew from Amsterdam to Heathrow Airport outside London. The new passport law allowed cats and dogs from selected European countries to … Continue reading Did you know…