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Short End of the Stick Meaning: Getting the bad end of a deal, or receiving the least desirable outcome from something.


WORD OF THE DAY Epexegesisep-eks-ə-JEE-sisPart of speech: nounOrigin: Greek, late 16th century 1The addition of words to clarify meaning.2Words added for the purpose of clarifying meaning.   Examples of Epexegesis in a sentence "Seeing that the audience was confused, Alan quickly added an epexegesis to the end of his speech." "The publisher encouraged the author to explain the ending with an … Continue reading W.O.T.D.

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🎉 Hey Failories! It's Nico here.Failory's 3.0 is live (along with the Amazon Cemetery and Tools page), we're currently featured on Product Hunt, 2 new interviews, and many more updates and resources - let's start!news & interview 📢🚀 Launching Failory 3.0! After 4 weeks of working on the new website design, it's finally live! I'd love to hear your feedback on the … Continue reading Failories Newsletter