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Dozens of COVID-19 vaccines are in development. Here are the ones to follow.

The Doctor and the Doctor

The Doctor and the Doctor Rhyming Couplet Ideas by jay See the waddling of the doctor,I think he's angry at the wachter. He finds it hard to see the beach,Overshadowed by the ornamental keech. Who is that slithering near the lorry?I think she'd like to eat the glory. She is but a grumpy doctor,Admired as … Continue reading The Doctor and the Doctor

Did you know…

Did you know...... that today is National Candy Corn Day? Candy corn was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger and first manufactured by the Wunderle Candy Company. Trivia fans: When candy corn is stacked up in a circle, it resembles corn on the cob, hence the name!~~~Today's Inspirational Quote:"Witch parking. All others will be … Continue reading Did you know…


JAY wasn't exactly sure how he had ended up in this predicament. He ran through all the events that had lead to this current situation and it still didn't make sense. He wanted to spend some time to try and make sense of it all, but he had higher priorities at the moment. The first … Continue reading FUNNY… I AM THINKING OF THIS….

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18. World Cities Day –31st October

18. World Cities Day –31st October This day is celebrated to promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, addressing its challenges and contributing to sustainable urban development around the world. Content marketing ideas: Listicle idea: X Ways to make your house cooler naturallyInfographic idea: What are the most expensive cities to live in?Video idea: The … Continue reading 18. World Cities Day –31st October