Interesting day predicted ahead…

Focus on inspiration and the action steps will flow effortlessly.

Inspired action happens when you are working in the flow of what it is you are wishing to create. You will naturally know what needs to happen next, because everything is working in harmony. When you are not in touch with inspiration, you block the flow and begin to push against the thing you are trying to create. This card comes to you today because you have a masterpiece within you waiting to be birthed out into the world. Your life, as a whole, is one big masterpiece and you are the creator. When you create through inspiration, you align naturally with the powerful workings of the universal mind.

It is time to take a step back, breathe, and start over. This time, get in touch with the inspiration from within you. Remind yourself of the why you wanted to do this in the first place. The why you want to do something is the inspiration. The inspiration is the feeling of excitement and passion combined. It is not a feeling of dread, force, or trying too hard. It is a feeling of flowing effortlessly with what you are doing because you love to do it! Spend a day focusing on the pure essence of what you are wanting to create. Surround yourself with all of the components that come together to create a feeling of excitement and passion. Get back in touch with the inspiration behind what you are doing, and you will begin to flow easily toward the final outcome. Enjoy the process of creating, and the steps to get there will happen so naturally you will forget that you are actually taking action. You will simply be in the pure joy of creating.