‘I built the ground thinking of her’: the story of Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ | Aeon Videos


The cold open

The cold open No one ever bought anything on an elevator. The elevator pitch isn’t about selling your idea, because a metaphorical elevator is a lousy place to make a pitch. When you feel like you’re being judged and only have a minute to make a first impression, it’s tempting to try to explain the … Continue reading The cold open

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DONATEWelcome back!One of the questions often left lingering after we publish a global investigation like the FinCEN Files is: what comes next? One of the U.S.'s top banking regulators has already hinted at an answer, admitting that the current financial system allows banks a “free pass” when it comes to processing suspicious transactions. We’ll be … Continue reading ICIJ newsletter I like and subscribe

world sight Day –8 October

5. World Sight Day –8 October The day seeks to promote awareness about blindness and other forms of vision impairment. Content marketing ideas: Listicle idea: Inspiring personalities who didn’t let blindness stop them from achieving their dreamsInfographic idea: X Apps for visually impaired individualsVideo idea: The story behind how braille was inventedPodcast idea: Public facilities that … Continue reading world sight Day –8 October

(1) A Pyramid With Astounding Acoustics and a History of Miracles | Atlas Obscura – YouTube



WORD OF THE DAY Pervicacity per-vi-KA-si-teePart of speech: nounOrigin: Latin, early 17th century 1The quality or state of being pervicacious.2Obstinacy; stubbornness; wilfulness.   Examples of Pervicacity in a sentence "My toddler is the perfect example of pervicacity!" "They were both guilty of pervicacity, but eventually they came to a compromise."

wisdom quotes

You can change neither the currents nor the tides, but you can use the winds to change direction.I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. (Jimmy Dean)==========The more you know the more there is to enjoy.The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the … Continue reading wisdom quotes

The clarity (and risk) of graphs

The clarity (and risk) of graphs You might not agree with something you read on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times, but at least you understand it. There’s simply no way a sentence like this would make it through the editing process: “Are we not pure? “No, sir!” Panama’s moody Noriega … Continue reading The clarity (and risk) of graphs


wORD OF THE DAY Haboobhə-BOOBPart of speech: nounOrigin: Arabic, late 19th century 1A violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, especially in Sudan, bringing sand from the desert.   Examples of Haboob in a sentence "You'll need scarves and goggles for your trip to protect against the sand brought by the haboob." "We couldn't leave the house for a whole day … Continue reading Haboob