Failories News letter for Startpreneurs

👋 Hey Failories! It’s Nico over here.

Last week I asked you to reply to my email and introduce yourself. This week, I’d like you to reply below with 1-3 challenges you or your business are currently facing.

I’ll be replying to each of you with my thoughts about the situation & some resources you may find useful to sort things out.

Let’s get into the content!


Unlimited Design Services – Guide & the top +25 ones

We have been working on this for many weeks. After having a great experience with an “unlimited design service”, we decided to write a +10,000-word guide on this way of getting design work done, when it is a great fit, things you should consider and reviews on +25 services, many of which have offered an exclusive discount for Failories.

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Unlimited design services

Growing a B2B Startup to +1,000 Customers, with Zal Dastur of Lucep

Zal is cofounder of Lucep, a software that turns social networks into lead engines. Prior to it, he co-founded VenueMirror, a lead generation startup that shut down.

Sponsored by Acadium, a tool that connects startups & entrepreneurs with marketing students for a 3-month internship. $50 discount for Failory users.

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Zal Dastur

Building a cloud management IaaS and raising €750K

Alin is a 29-yeard-old entrepreneur who has built Bunnyshell, an IaaS that automates all the manual & repetitive tasks required for provisioning, deployment, and maintaining software stacks. In March 2018, they got €750K; nowadays they are providing services to clients all over the world while making $12k/mo.

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Hope you enjoy this week’s stuff.

The article took a long time to be produced; between research, writing, improvements, contacting the brands and uploading it to Failory, we have easily spent +30 hours.

We’re still improving it and adding new things (any feedback would be super helpful!). If you need any help deciding which design service to go with, just reply to this email.

Looking forward to hearing from you 😉 Have a nice weekend.

– Nico