Vikat Ghetla Shyam – In Praise of Sri Krishna..


“And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” – Anonymous, Holy Bible: The New King James Version


“I keep thinking about a tale my nurse used to read to me about a bird whose wings are pinned to the ground. In the end, when he finally frees himself, he flies so high he becomes a star. My nurse said the story was about how we all have something that keeps us down.” – Shannon Hale, Princess Academy

My Liebster Award

Few days ago, I was nominated for the Liebster Award.

My Nominees

  1. Padmaja Ramesh
  2.  P V Cann
  3. SusieOpinions
  4. ShortProse
  5. Riverside Peace
  6. Bharath Upendra
  7. Administrador

I was lethargic due to Lockdown1.0 to 4.0 in the most vulnerable category of 65+, Baby boomer, Cardiac and Diabetic issues with occasional bouts of cough. I was confined to home.

When I started blog all I had in mind was learning. Learning to write a blog, make a website, be a web publisher, become a blogger and an author.

At the core was a feeling, I must share what I learn with the needy – with no monetary expectation – as a give back to society.   It would create more space in my mind, to learn more and fill my never quenching thirst for knowledge.

For years, it remained inactive, then I would reshape it, make another themes, give it a new name, register a new domain – the learning continued albeit at my own SELF Pace and that is the Key Word of my mentoring.

I wish the Mentee, Mentoree, Protege’ to learn at self-pace.

Absorb, understand, assimilate, internalise knowledge and become able to impart it to the world’s knowledge needy – FREE.

A Breakpoint – rather revival point came on 13th May 2018 and I became regular. With a vengeance to achieve my first milestone of 100,000 views from 4000 odd in 6 years I became regular blogger. Happy to say with my esteemed readers, viewers, commentators this blog will soon touch 400000 views and 1600+ followers while another with just 4 followers is touching about 300000 on its own steam – it is my  1st Blogspot blog.

WordPress team guided me along the way and I even took their Business Plan but I did not wish to monetise – No, I wanted the content. to be free.  Uncopyrighted.  Well… mostly..  Only a few parts I put the © mark as my copyright and that’s letss than 1% of my content.

I want to thank Alosius5  for nominating me for this award. so check out his website and leave him a comment, I am sure he will appreciate it!

The Rules:
Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
Share 11 facts about yourself & mention 3 blog articles
Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you
Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!
Make up 11 questions to ask your nominees
Notify your 11 nominees

11 Facts About Myself

1) I am an open book and believe that I transparent- read about me on or Google please. MyAbout me page

2) I like to relax in a five-star hotel, First a Triple Sunday Ice-Cream instead of Bed-Tea and then having a long relaxing massage, a vegetarian buffet meal at the live counters eating Chef’s best recommended dishes,  best restaurant, and not having to get up the next morning until very late.

But, I am an early riser.  I like to wake up at 2 am, 3 am, 4 am or latest by 5 am.  My body clock takes care of it, no need for alarm clock.

3) I love French Champagne (the real stuff), I also like Indian Wine Red and White both and strawberries.  And I became a Teetotaller, stopped eating Non-vegetarian food since 2005 by choice.

4) I try to buy the best car I can afford but still haven’t managed to get a BMW.  I drive the Maruti Suzuku Alto800 which my wife n daughter bought couple of years ago,

5) Going away to a cold climate like a hillstation in India  when it is summer here (in India). I can not bear very high humidity and sweat profusely, leading to dehydration related issues so I try n stay away from Seashores.

6) One day I will get to travel around my own country. (With COVID 19, this might happen later rather than sooner with the ban on overseas travel)

7) I would love to  write bestselling non-fiction books for entrepreneurs, (I have written 7 and a poetry collection) , but selling just one gives me a chill.

8) I love all in/outdoor sports and games and represented in most as Captain or player upto University level. Cricket, Hockey, Football, Table tennis and Badminton apart from Chess are my favorites.

9) My favorite pastime is attending the Video conference calls arranged by my Granddaughter (7) on an impromptu basis.  I love these.

10) I had huge collection – few thousand books collected over each trip as sales person 99% and some gifts and donated  all of it to schools, colleges or needy.  We love to donate to the blind school here in Bangalore.

Recently, I gifted over 3000 amateur paintings I painted in water color from 2014 till March 2020 to an Eyecare charitble NGO I advise.

11) I was very fond of beer, Old Monk brand rum and later Bacardi White Rum/ Vodka. Whiskey gave me huge hangover and Single Malt was unaffordable.

Selected Blog Articles

1) I have several segments in my blog as it is mostly on shared contents like Word of the day, Quote of the Day, Did you know,  Inspirational Quote of the day, Funny quote of the day, Quotes of the Week, Seasoned PNUTS quotables from PNUTs. etc.

2) I also share RANDOM – Phrases, Acts of Kindness, Phrase of the Day, Quotes from Gita and Bible.

3) I subscribe to many Newsletters and TED, TEDX shows and share their links or article links I like.

4) I write HAIKU, Poems, Quick Poetry and pubish rather irregularly.

4) I share news items, commentaries on geopolitical, political, strategic and business management topics.

Answers to Debbie Winter’s Questions

1) What is in your opinion the best SEO software currently on the market? I do not understand this. I read Neil Patel’s newsletter and try but I know I do not know the basics. So, not being blessed like million others like me, I’m happy to remain in obscurity.

2) If you could eat as much food as you wanted without ever getting full or fat, which food would you choose? What is your favourite restaurant?

I would eat lots of sprouted beans, Raw vegetables, semi boiled vegetables. All preparations of Eggs, /cheese, and Indian curries which I make or my wife makes. She has made over 1000 different dishes for me over past 40 years of marriage. She loves Pasta, and I like Pizza, and we would share a glass of wine.

3) If your pet could talk, what would it say to you?

I had a wonderful Dog. A street Puppy whom I trained with Police dogs and he could perform circus acts. He had 40 friends and me and my friends when we would go walking (all kids under 10)  over 100 dogs and kids would be making noise and waking up the whole neighborhood at 4 am.  I lost him in an accident.

If ever he could talk – he would simply say, I love you and wish to be back with you.

4) What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen someone do?

Oh there are many. Can’t remember one.  But I do have two question segments dealing with exactly this.

5) If you had enough money that you never needed to work again, what would you do with your time?

Surf, watch TV, Network, Socialise virtually and spend more time with family.

6) Name three of your favorite songs?

I can name singers – 1. Neil Diamond 2. Kishori Amonkar, 3. Dr. Prabha Atre, 4. Sh. Bhimsen Joshi.

7) Name three of your favorite books?

Again I shall name authors, Books names are on my Goodreads page and I have a blog segment called Books to read.

Arthur Hailey, Harold Robins, Harvey Mackay, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Norman Vincent Peale.  MunshiPrem Chand, Many in HIndi, Marathi.

8) Would you lie to your friend or spouse for a large sum of money? How much?


9) If you had $10.000 to spend on whatever you like, what would you do with the money?

Hmmm… invest in a Desktop Mac with  home theatre, Very large screen TV and all the favorite music collection, films collections from the old.

10) If you would be granted one wish of any kind, what would you wish for?

Give, Give the more you Give – God replenishes hence I will ask God, Give me, Give me more so that I can give more in service of Humanity.

11) Who has been the biggest example in your life? Why?

Many.  Many mentors who appeared when I was ready as Pupil and shaped me.  My mother mostly,  As a single parent her determination, hard work, resilience were the best learnings..

My Questions

1) What do you do for work, and what would you rather be doing, if you were given the opportunity?

2) Do you read constantly or sporadically, and what is your favorite genre

3) Boring, I know, but what is your favorite television show, and why?

4) If you could be anywhere in the world rather than where you are, where would that be and why?

5) What is the most annoying thing about people you dislike?

6) How many people can you count on as ‘real’ friends, if your situation turned to the worst-case scenario?

7) If you are young, where would you like to be in, say, 30 years time, and if you are older, what is one thing you would have done differently?

8) Do you prefer to travel by car, bus, train, or airplane, and why?

9) If you could retire tomorrow, where would that be, and why?

10) Is having wealth or health more important to you?

11) and the doozie for the last question, if you have a current partner, do you think this is the ‘one’ or do you think the ‘one’ might still be out there?

(You do not need to answer this, but in my case, I have found the ‘one’ and we’ve been together nearly 45 years.)





Hi folks, I was nominated by for the Liebster Award. I am very thankful to him for nominating me for this award, thank you for following my blog and reading my post.

Rules for the award

  • Nominated blogger has to convey thanks to the person who has nominated him/her.
  • Have to answer 11 questions asked by the person who has nominated him/her.
  • The nominated blogger has to nominate other bloggers.
  • The nominated blogger has to prepare his/her 11 questions and ask those to the people he/she nominates.

Let’s look at questions asked to me by blogs

1. What or who is the person you think you will be devastated without?

My Family, Phones and Macbook

2. How did you start blogging?

First to learn 8 years ago, Did it intermittently. Regularly after 13th May last year with a LMA message which I took to heart.

3. favourite food?

Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai

4. Besides blogging what work you do ( student/job))? 5. Do you believe that Ghosts exist?

Retired Director. Author, Mentor, Speaker, Educator, Advisor to NGOs to fulfill my social obligations.

6. How many members you have in your family?

4 My wife and my daughters and extended family – Son in Law and a lovely Granddaughter

7. Do you practice meditation?

Every morning. One hour. Followed by Voice and Breathing exercises.

8. Are you concerned about the water crisis? If yes then what measures you are taking to save water? It may be a very small step.

Yes. Conserve water. As it is on medical advice I . am allowed only 1 litre of water daily.

9. Do you think moral education should be taught along with academic in our schools?

If the Culture (This is how we do things here) is not set at home and children are adaptable to learn it in School – Pre-School and upto Primary education. Yes.

1 0. If you become the prime minister or president of your country for a day, what changes will you bring?

Uniform Civil Code. Bridge Income Gap. Tax Rich and Agriculture income alike. Change the way Chartered accountants, Consultants, Bankers and lawyers help people make black money by evading taxes. Better Health care policies especially for Veterans, Seniors and depraved kids. I have many many thoughts -practical and impractical.

11. favourite song?

You are the Sun, I am the Moon Play me – Neil Diamonds

Here are my nominees in no particular order

Traveller with purpose


Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

Voci Dai Borghi


Book Blog

Der Kamerad

Positive Side of Coin

Engagement Imperative

Riverside Peace

Katherine’s Blog

Short Prose . and Fiction


P V Cannon

Author Joanne Reed

Rekha Sahay



And here are my questions:

  1. How do you structure your days?
  2. Where and how do you work best?
  3. What’s the best advice you ever received?
  4. Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most?
  5. Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?
  6. What is still your biggest challenge?
  7. What are your favourite books or movies?
  8. What surprising lessons have you learned along the way
  9. What do you find are [your audience’s] biggest stumbling blocks and what are the best ways you’ve found to overcome them?
  10. What’s next for you?
  11. How do you want to be remembered?

Thanks for reading this 🙂

Dancing with tools – Seth Godin Newsletter

Dancing with tools

How good are you at Google Sheets?

Can you write a query? A filter? Do you know how to install add-on tools to trim extra cells or create a mail merge? If you wanted to learn those things, do you know how to find out how?

It’s an interesting litmus test.

Sheets is free. It’s not particularly difficult to use. You can explore it in private, with no fear of screwing up. And it’s widely applicable to just about any career or community work you might choose to do.

The teenager across the street is far better off teaching herself Sheets than she is doing whatever busywork they’re handing her during the day.

If you get good at a type of technology, you’ll find yourself using it often. On the other hand, if you decide that you’re somehow untalented at it (which is nonsense) or don’t take the time, then you’ll have sacrificed leverage and confidence that were offered to you.

Of course, it’s not just Sheets, or the web, or even computers. It’s a posture of possibility when it comes to the tools we’re able to use.

We can ignore the tools that we have access to. We can fear them. We can understand them.

(And, after we understand them, we’re able to hire someone else to use them on our behalf.)

We can even master them.

Did you know…

… that today is Sunscreen Day? Today is the perfect time to educate and bring awareness to the importance of using sunscreen to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful UV rays from the sun. Ultraviolet rays are a serious risk to your health so use an SPF of 15 or more when you head outside. The higher the SPF value, the better the lotion is at protecting you. Now get out and celebrate Sunscreen Day in the sun… with your sunscreen!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life.”

— Ziad K. Abdelnour

Shrink to Grow?

Sometimes Shrinking is the Right Move

TL;DR: “It looks like we’re going to have scale down operations. Does this mean we’ve failed? Is this really just the start of our downward spiral? How should I be thinking about contraction?”

In the early years of my first startup we totally ran out of money. I remember sitting in my apartment staring at the ceiling thinking “How do we possibly recover from this?”

Then I had a (then) silly idea. What if I just took the whole staff down to just a couple of people and we ran “bare-bones” for a while? I recognized it was a big step back, but I was also thinking “I’d rather be alive and breathing than dead and bloated” (the former being a Pearl Jam reference, the latter being a Stone Temple Pilots reference — RIP 90’s).

We made the hard decision of letting basically everyone go. We moved the office back to my apartment. We sold off furniture and office equipment. It sucked.

And then something really interesting happened.

All of a sudden, we had “unlimited” runway again. We were profitable. For the first time we could operate without the countdown clock of “days remaining” over our heads. Within a year we would win the largest contract of our lives and go on to build what became a $700 million company — all because we downsized.

Today’s Advice Sponsored by Startups Coaching

Trading Longevity for Size

We tend to think of “expansion” as the only way to grow. But the truth is, what we really need is longevity. We need to be around long enough to do something amazing, even if that longevity comes at the price of contraction.

We assume that the size we are at now is the benchmark for further growth. It’s as if we’re thinking “If we have fewer people, or less revenue, we’re failing!” We’re not.

Failing is what happens when we run too fast for too long and go bankrupt. No one ever said we would be able to maintain a specific size forever, and those numbers will only go up — we all made that up in our minds.

The Right Configuration for the Right Time

During boom times maybe it makes sense to boost the staff count and spend heavily on growth. We all seem to understand that because growing is fun, it involves adding people and resources and spending money.

What we’re missing is when we assume that will always be the right configuration. Needless to say, during lean times, we need a different configuration for the company. What we need to be asking ourselves is “what is the right configuration for this moment in time?” That’s what should determine our true size.

Failure is the Wrong Configuration

When we fail, it’s because we didn’t account for the proper size and configuration of the company at the time. We probably waited too long to reduce headcount (everyone does), or stayed too optimistic about future prospects (if we weren’t optimists, we wouldn’t be in this job!).

We need to step back and recognize that “failure” is about not responding properly, not the result of how we respond. It’s tough, but that’s why we get paid nearly nothing for so long. (wait, what?!”)

Launch a startup the best way, you will.

Shhh.. The Yoda of startups is speaking.

Startups Coaching has been long compared to Yoda from the beginning of… well, since the beginning of this insert as it’s being written right now. But that doesn’t make it any less true!

We know that Building a startup is ridiculously hard — because we’ve been through it time and time again. For so long, we’ve seen new Founders run around without guidance or the know-how to get their company from one milestone to the next.

Startups Coaching was created to be that guidance. We have helped countless Founders see their startup move from idea validation to a thriving startup, and we have dedicated our life’s work to replicating this for as many Founders as possible.

Register here, you will if you’re ready to take your startup to the next level, and may the force of startup success be with you.

In Case You Missed It

Where to Find Opportunities in a Recession When crisis is unavoidable, strong Founders will seek out the opportunities during a recession.

How do We Tell Our Staff We’re About to Run Out of Money? The key to communicating with our staff about money is to do it early and to get everyone on the same page.

Overwhelmed (podcast) Startups are often portrayed as a go big or go home affair, and as Founders, it’s easy to get caught up chasing monumental goals and forget about the daily actions that will actually get us there.

Love this topic? Hate it? Let’s chat on social media!
Wil Schroter
Founder & CEO @

Mentor Asks: 5 Random Questions

  • On any given day, what do you think you spend the most time doing?

  • What animal do you think best reflects your personality?

  • What uncommon thing would you like to see become more common?

  • What is your biggest regret from the last month?

  • What do you hope to be an expert about at some point in your life?

DhAnAnjAyA “jAy”PArkhe Quote 001

I haven’t coined any quotes of my own even in my 67 years of life.  I never felt a need.  On the contrary, I felt I should read more quotes, more wisdom and relate them to my  situation at that moment and L E  A R N.  Learning never ends.

I read a Quote

“Learn how to learn from those you disagree with, or even offend you. See if you can find the truth in what they believe.” by Kevin Kelly.


I like to be direct. I like to read, speak, write DEFINITIVE – no perhaps, may be for me and hence I liked Nik.

Nik of “Nik’s Summaries” fame whose newsletter I subscribe sent me this 5 day course, and I  am quite impressed . ”

I started a new short course on. Good english writing. “Hi!

My name is Nik. For the past six years, I have been a professional writer.

I’ve published over 1,000 pieces to date. My work reaches over 500,000 people each month. And I make a full-time income from my writing.

To me, that’s what “professional” means. You publish frequently, are read widely, and benefit financially. But right now, I only have one goal:

I want to improve your writing.

After this email, I want your writing to be slightly better than it was two minutes ago. That’s all I’m asking for.

Here are 4 tips that will make all of your future writing better – forever. No BS. Just pure, specific writing advice. These tips took me four years to collect but will take you only 2 minutes to learn.

Let’s go.

1. Refuse to use the word “thing”
Each thing we can describe in more detail. When we don’t, we’re just being lazy. It’s like hiding your screwed up cake under a pile of frosting to avoid baking a new one. Don’t.

Let a device be a device, a trait be a trait, a feeling be a feeling.

“This is the greatest thing my parents taught me.”

“This is the greatest lesson my parents taught me.”

2. Ditch the parentheses
Like “thing,” parentheses only weaken what you want to say. If you want to say it, say it. If not, don’t.

Whether it’s the brackets that are unnecessary or what’s in them is for you to decide. But one of the two is. At least 99% of the time.

Whichever one you choose to abandon, probability will always be on your side.

“You must pass a (ridiculously) hard course.”

“You must pass a hard course.”

3. Use fewer prepositions
Many of us need to free up time these days. But time doesn’t go anywhere on its own. Not up. Not down. It has no location.

Don’t free up time. Make time. Don’t move out. Just move. And if you can’t make time, don’t miss out on dinner. Just miss it.

Sometimes, we even add two unnecessary prepositions to one verb.

“He wants to meet up with Sarah in the morning.”

“He wants to meet Sarah in the morning.”

4. Eliminate redundant references
The reader arrived from your last sentence. She’ll remember it. Don’t begin the next one with a preposition or injection.

“So” doesn’t say so much, “as before” breaks my flow, “or” repeats the obvious alternative. “Well” means you’re not done thinking, well, take more time to write. We want to know what you think, not that you think.

Never reference the end of your previous sentence at the beginning of the next one.

“Writing improves your thinking. With this in mind, I suggest you write daily.”

“Writing improves your thinking. Write daily.”

We’ve known what makes good writing for almost 2,000 years. Often, it takes just a few seconds to improve a sentence. If you want to write a book, that’s still a lot of seconds.

Maya Angelou once said:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Whatever story you’d like to tell the world, with these tips you’ll hit the ground running. Just like we did with this free course.

Alright, that’s it for the warm-up. Tomorrow, we’ll start with your first lesson. If you want to take a sneak peek at the curriculum, you can do that here.

Talk to you then!”


I subscribe to many newsletters. One of my favorites is Seth Godin, This is what I got yesterday and liked.

“interesting article by Prof. Seth Godin ”
Your defining moment
It’s easy to wait for it. The movies have taught us that when the music swells and the chips are down, that’s when leaders arrive and when heroes are made.

It turns out, that’s not how it works.

Our work is what happens in all the moments. Leadership doesn’t simply appear when the script announces it does: it is the hard work of showing up when we’re not expected to, of seeing what’s possible when few are willing to believe.

Your defining moment is whenever you decide it is, and you get a new chance to lead every day.

Two months ago, we ran our first session of Rising Talent, a special session of the altMBA by and for emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies.

Our month-long sprint connected senior leaders from SAP, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Brands, Citi, General Mills, Lululemon, NBA, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Adobe, Audible, Barclays, Chipotle, Delta, Trane Technologies, Frost Bank, Kellogg Company, Kraft Heinz, MetLife, Qualcomm, Shopify, Slack and Warby Parker. Even though the world was already turning upside down, this extraordinary cohort showed up and did the work, even as they were contributing at a high level at their day jobs.

The results reinforced what we’ve been saying at the altMBA for the last five years. Possibility is where you find it. We each have more to offer than the world expects. And growth is something we’re capable of, as soon as we’re committed to seeing what we can contribute.

The secret of our workshops is the level of commitment that our students bring. Even in times of turmoil. Enrollment opens the door to action instead of compliance.

Our current worldwide tragedy is a slog, but it will have another side. And the organizations that thrive will be the ones that don’t rely on top-down management to go forward. It’s peer-to-peer leadership and innovation that produces resilience, and leadership that turns any moment into a moment where we can make things better.


My Old Friend Jitendra Jog. An Avid Reader; is recovering after being donated a Kidney and in Self Quarantine in Mumbai the worst affected city in India with COVID.  He sent me this wonderful message – in the hope that the Lockdown 4.0 will end as announced on 31st May 2020.

“As we start to open up…You do You, I’ll do me. That’s what The World is all about. None of us have the same circumstances (medically high risk child/family member or a business about to go under, etc.). Let’s all stay in our own lanes and keep the judgment down as we begin to reopen. No one should feel pressured either way.
Just a thought…As the Centre & State governments are trying to figure out how to ease back into normal, please remember:
🛑 Some people don’t agree with the state opening…that’s okay. Be Kind.
🏡 Some people are still planning to stay home…that’s okay. Be Kind.
🦠 Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening…that’s okay. Be Kind.
💰 Some are sighing with relief to go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes…that’s okay. Be Kind.
👩🏾‍⚕️Some are thankful they can finally have a surgery they have put off…that’s okay. Be Kind.
📝 Some will be able to attend interviews after weeks without a job…that’s okay. Be Kind.
😷 Some will wear masks for weeks…that’s okay. Be Kind.
💅🏻 Some people will rush out to get their hair or nails done…that’s okay. Be Kind.
❤️ The point is, everyone has different viewpoints/feelings and that’s okay. Be Kind.
We each have a different story. If you need to stay home, stay home…But Be Kind .
If you need to go out, just respect others when in public and Be Kind!
Don’t judge fellow humans because you’re not in their story. We all are in different mental states than we were months ago. So remember, Be Kind.”


Going back to what Kevin Kelly said “Learn how to learn from those you disagree with, or even offend you. See if you can find the truth in what they believe.”

I thought, I could say as my own Quote:

“Learn from every situation, every possible means, Keep Learning,. Learn to share, fearlessly, directly, definitively to one you find is NEEDY.  When I find a different point of view from my own, I must learn to be kind. ”

Quote 1 – DhAnAnjAy “jAy”Parkhe. May 28, 2020


I am trying to limit my daily shares of links and articles, newsletters to just ONE like this.

If the regular readers and my friend commentators can share what they think about this, I shall be grateful.

Aeon Psyche Newsletter

Tuesday 26 May 2020
Philosophy of science Essay
The good scientist
by Martin Rees
History and philosophy of mental illness Idea
For Donald Winnicott, the psyche is not inside us but between us
by James Barnes
Future of technology Video
Ceramic coral reefs and sawdust houses – the architects 3D-printing the future from scratch
4 minutes

25. Fun days

25. Fun days

Star Wars Content Marketing Opportunities

Star Wars Day – 4th May

International No-Diet Day – 6th May

Chocolate Chip Day – 15th May

World Whiskey Day – 16th May

Sunscreen Protection Day – 27th May

International Hamburger Day – 28th May

Content marketing opportunities:   

  • Listicle idea: X Easy snacks to make at home for a movie marathon
  • Infographic idea: Star Wars movies ranked in order of popularity
  • Video idea: How is whiskey made?
  • Podcast idea: How can you lose weight without following a strict diet?