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Millions of Americans have seen their careers completely transform as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, often with no choice in the matter. While your team’s transition to telecommuting may have been out of your control, how you respond to the disruption is entirely up to you. Research suggests that there’s no better time to pursue self-improvement than when uncertainty abounds—if that’s the case, you couldn’t be better positioned to set yourself up for success. Start by taking these five steps.

In order to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, you need to first understand your professional identity. The only thing that’s constant about your sense of self is that it’s continuously changing, affected by every experience—including those you’ve gone through over the past two months working from home. By coming to terms with where you’re at today, you’ll be better equipped to overcome the challenges you’ll face tomorrow.

And here’s more on everything you need to know about working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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For more on working and leading from home, check out our guide, updated daily.
How Employees’ Expectations About Remote Work Have Changed
How Employees’ Expectations About Remote Work Have Changed
Now that American workers have had a taste of the autonomy and flexibility afforded by remote work, it’s likely many won’t want to go back to the way things were prior to the pandemic. Leaders, this is your guide to reevaluating and reforming your corporate culture accordingly.
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The Telecommuter’s Toolkit
The swift shift to remote work has proved challenging for many, especially dual-career couples. From sharing spaces to establishing expectations, we asked a relationship expert for her top tips for telecommuting together.

When you’re working from home and out from under the watchful eye of a manager, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get down to business—add the stress of living through a public health crisis, and it may feel downright impossible. There are seven steps you can take to get unstuck. No. 1: Think micro, not macro.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being micromanaged. Show employees you trust that they’re doing their jobs by encouraging them to work autonomously and seek guidance as needed. Doing so will only help your team thrive.

The Break Room
If you’ve always dreamed of traveling to Australia, minus the nearly day-long flight, there’s good news: With these 360-degree videos, you can take a virtual vacation to some of the Land Down Under’s most iconic destinations, from Sydney Harbour to the Great Barrier Reef.
The Best Reusable Food Storage Bags
The Best Reusable Food Storage Bags
Be good to your pantry (and the environment) by switching to reusable food storage bags.
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Forbes Advisor: Your emergency fund wasn’t designed for a pandemic. Here are four ways to make your savings last as long as possible.

Would you rather…

  1. Would you rather spend a day switching radio stations and hearing the same song or switching TV stations and seeing the same show?
  2. Would you rather be bitten by a poisonous snake or a poisonous spider?
  3. Would you rather have a friend that types in all caps in texts or a friend that replies to all in emails?
  4. Would you rather marry your perfect partner or achieve all of your dreams?
  5. Would you rather die at 50 with no regrets or at 90 with numerous regrets?

A Teaching I was given at 16.

Of. course, it was a stern, strict uncle who taught me this.

And this was the occasion when I passed 11th Standard and due to government change, curriculum change, I had to go to College – not Junior College.

So this advice accompanied 200 Cigarettes WILLS brand and 12 bottles of Beer (It was only Rs 3.50 per bottle of 650 ml. then).  Of course, it was very expensive for me who had begun to work as labour, part timer etc. to support my mother. and my education.

I was told, Ÿou will go  to college. Me and my brother never passed Matric. You will have  new friends.  You will be tempted to  drink, smoke, take drugs, Whatever….. you young guys of this generation do  these days…. ”

In temptation if you fell for these things – we live in a small town. People will come and tell me that my  nephew smokes, drinks… etc. …. I should be able to tell them I KNOW…. so  Drink, smoke in front  of me, have no shame.  ” I did.  i also followed the advice and kicked the habits at  will.

Mother of course, was unhappy, I had to drink, smoke without her knowledge in college or at jobs.  She had warned me that she’d commit suicide if I came home drunk or she smells cigarette smoke.

I confess, I hid it from my mother and laterr when we were not on good terms actually smoked at home in front of her.  I do regret it then as I regret it now. .

Random Acts of Kindness

1. Cold outside? Buy old scarves from your local thrift store (or even make them yourself) and tie them around trees, benches, etc. with a note offering them to people in need.
2. Give a homeless person your doggie bag
3. Knit a baby cap and donate it to the local NICU.
4. Pump gas for someone at a self-serve.
5. Wash an elderly person’s car.

Wisdom Quotes 6

The wise can gain more from a simple question than the simple can learn from a wise answer.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. (Bruce Lee)

If you’re going through a rough time, keep going until you reach the end.
If you’re going through hell, keep going. (Winston Churchill)

My Prayer today

Magnificent Father, eternal praise upon you, I come to you with a remorseful heart. I’m so sorry, I did not read your scriptures on the most holy day. Relieve me of my sins, heal me of these self inflicted wounds. Pass your judgment so I may spread your glory to others.

A replacement 10 commandments | ChangeAView

Below are a set of commandments which if everyone followed would optimise the quality of life for all in society.

Please don’t tell me (only) what is wrong with them; please tell me how you would improve them.

Challenge and improve the laws of the land.
Abide by the laws of the land
Accept other people’s opinions are as correct as yours.
Give to others more than you take
Co-operate to enrich the lives of self and others in every relationship
Walk away from every relationship lacking enrichment to both self and others
Don’t lie
Set your goals and pursue with full commitment
Respect all resources in your habitat
Express thanks for all that you value.

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The collapse of human health is linked to the destruction of soil health. | ChangeAView

Covid 19 is the cannery in the coal mine, which is bringing the level of ill health of people into stark view. Cronick illness in all ages in 1960 USA was 4% in 2015 it was 46% in just children.Right now in the US infertility effects 1/3 of males and 1/4 females. The vast majority of food eaten has had poisons pored on them, and all the nutrition processed out of them. Unless we get back to eating food the way it was prior to industrial farming was introduced, then Covid 19 is just the begining, not the once in a hundred year event we have been told.

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How would you rectify these three contradictory facts about consciousness? | ChangeAView

Consciousness and conscious experiences are intangible.
I am aware of reality.
Tangibility is binary. Something either is tangible or it is not. There is no in-between.
How do our conscious minds have knowledge of reality if they cannot interact with reality?

These cannot all be true, so which one is false?

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Elizabeth Cox: What is a coronavirus? | TED Talk

via Elizabeth Cox: What is a coronavirus? | TED Talk

For almost a decade, scientists chased the source of a deadly new virus through China’s tallest mountains and most isolated caverns. They finally found it in the bats of Shitou Cave. The virus in question was a coronavirus that caused an epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, in 2003. So what exactly is a coronavirus, and how does it spread? Elizabeth Cox explains. [Directed by Anton Bogaty, narrated by Bethany Cutmore-Scott, music by Jarrett Farkas].

But what if it works? via Seth Godin Newsleetter.

But what if it works?

The difference between science and conspiracy theory/superstition is simple:

Good science leads to useful insights. And good science is the cure for bad science.

On the other hand, there are no good conspiracy theories, because they are attractive precisely because they’re unproven, imprecise and non-falsifiable. They’re not actually theories at all. They use confusion to create a sense of comfort and control when it’s in short supply.

It’s almost impossible to tell a good conspiracy theory from a bad one, hence they don’t work as theories.

And good conspiracy theories don’t lead to useful insights, nor do they help drive out the bad conspiracy theories. You can’t productively question someone’s superstition, because it never really thought it was an actual explanation of how the world is.

A good scientist has a theory and she’s eager to be proven wrong, so she can make better science. And delighted to be proven right, because she now has a useful insight.

Reality doesn’t care whether or not we believe in it, but it’s more useful for all of us when we understand it.


Part of speech: noun
Origin: English, late 16th century

The period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success, popularity, or vigor.


An exclamation of joy, surprise.

Examples of Heyday in a sentence

“The heyday of the silent film ended in the late 1920s.”

“Michael Jordan was unstoppable in his heyday.”

Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of the Kentucky Derby? In 1875, Aristides, ridden by jockey Oliver Lewis, became the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Fun fact: The rose blanket awarded to the winner is sewn with over 400 roses and weighs about 40 pounds!

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Alternatives to perfect

“If I can’t make it perfect, is it okay if I try to make it better?”

When a project doesn’t come out precisely the way we hoped, when customer service isn’t 100%, when the reality doesn’t match the dream, then what?

One option is to embrace your failure. To have your tantrum, to become bereft, to wallow in how unfair the world is. No sense messing up a perfect moment of imperfection.

The other option is to put some effort into making an imperfect situation a little less imperfect. Perhaps, with some distance, it might even be a lot less imperfect, or even better than you were hoping for in the first place.

Imperfect is a chance for contribution, connection and improvisation. It’s a chance to see the humanity behind the moment you were spending so much energy creating.

The alternative to perfect might be better.


17. International Museum Day – 18th May

17. International Museum Day – 18th May

Museum Content Marketing Opportunities

The International Council of Museums organizes this day every year to emphasize museums and art galleries as an intrinsic value of culture in the society.

Content marketing opportunities:   

  • Listicle idea: X Best exhibits in museums around the world
  • Infographic idea: The most bizarre museums around the world
  • Video idea: Why is the Met Gala so famous?
  • Podcast idea: How can museums become ‘cool’ again?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video provides a virtual walking tour of the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in France.