Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of Mother’s Day? The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother. She then began a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States. Jarvis’ holiday was adopted by other countries and it is now celebrated all over the world. Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous moms out there! 🙂


Part of speech: adjective
Origin: Latin, 17th century

Outside or beyond the physical world.

Examples of Extramundane in a sentence

“She loved to pretend she was playing with fairies and other extramundane creatures.”

“Mythology from almost every culture contains extramundane stories and folklore.”

Random Phrases

  1. Down For The CountMeaning: Someone or something that looks to be defeated, or nearly so.
  2. Keep Your Shirt OnMeaning: Keeping calm. Usually said by someone who is trying to avoid making others upset.
  3. Ring Any Bells?Meaning: Recalling a memory; causing a person to remember something or someone.

would you rather

  1. Would you rather eat a delicious meal with no utensils or a mediocre meal with utensils?
  2. Would you rather always have a little rock in your shoe you can’t find or always have a hangnail that gets caught on things?
  3. Would you rather wear all second-hand clothes or all designer clothes
  4. Would you rather a best friend or five really good friends?
  5. Would you rather watch TV that’s commercial-free but doesn’t have a remote or have a remote but you have to watch all the commercials?

Never have I ever…

  1. Never have I ever done a duck face selfie.
  2. Never have I ever gone down the rabbit hole while on the Internet.
  3. Never have I ever met a TV star.
  4. Never have I ever walked into something.
  5. Never have I ever participated in a school play.
  6. Never have I ever been to see Cirque du Soleil.
  7. Never have I ever created an Instagram account.
  8. Never have I ever been to a professional hockey game.
  9. Never have I ever pretended that vanilla pudding was mayonnaise.
  10. Never have I ever accidentally laughed out loud with earphones on.
  11. Never have I ever watched a horror movie.


  1. Since 1955, 50% of the population of Niger is consistently under 16 years old. The total current population is 21,600,000.
  2. “Schnapsidee” is the German word for a ridiculous idea that only sounds good when you’re drunk.
  3. It takes longer to drown in saltwater than in freshwater. Because of this, around 90% of drownings occur in freshwater.

Seasoned Nuts Quotables

“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.”

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”

“If trouble comes when you least expect it then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.”

― Cormac McCarthy

Random Acts of Kindness – 53 Choices. Add your own…. enhance the Chain of Kindness….

  1. Babysit for free.

  2. Bake something and share with a group.

  3. Be a mentor for someone who needs it.

  4. Bring coloring books and crayons to a family shelter.

  5. Buy the next round of drinks at happy hour.

  6. Compliment someone.

  7. Cook a meal for a family with a new baby.

  8. Do a friend’s pile of laundry.

  9. Donate a toy.

  10. Donate your talents. Offer your photography, writing or sewing skills to a charity.

  11. Donate your work clothes to someone in need.

  12. Email an inspiring journalist or blogger to thank them for making a difference.

  13. Help someone look for a job.

  14. Help someone with groceries.

  15. Help someone with their homework.

  16. Hide a love note in someone’s purse or pocket.

  17. Hide inspirational messages on sticky notes around the office.

  18. Hold the elevator door open for someone who is running late.

  19. Illustrate pretty drawings and bring them to a children’s hospital.

  20. Introduce a co-worker to a professional contact.

  21. Invite a new co-worker to lunch.

  22. Join a kindness challenge.

  23. Leave a copy of your favorite book on a bus or train with a note in it.

  24. Leave a funny note on a random car.

  25. Leave a funny on the white board in the conference room.

  26. Leave a nice note on someone’s desk.

  27. Leave an inspirational note in a library book.

  28. Leave flowers on someone’s doorstep.

  29. Let someone go in front of you at the checkout line.

  30. Make a video to cheer someone up.

  31. Make and give care packs to the homeless.

  32. Make someone a gratitude journal they can write in.

  33. Make someone a playlist.

  34. Mow your neighbors lawn after mowing your own.

  35. Offer someone your parking spot for the day.

  36. Organize a fun family reunion.

  37. Participate in a fundraiser.

  38. Pay for someone else’s coffee.

  39. Pick up trash on the beach or park.

  40. Plant a tree.

  41. Put a quarter in an expired meter.

  42. Read a book to someone.

  43. Run an errand for someone.

  44. Run or walk for a cause.

  45. Send a care package to a soldier.

  46. Send an encouraging letter to someone who needs it.

  47. Send your boss an email about a co-worker’s hard work.

  48. Spend time with the elderly.

  49. Support local farmers and markets.

  50. Support someone’s charity or campaign.

  51. Surprise the office with donuts or cupcakes.

  52. Take someone to lunch.

  53. Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.

  54. Talk to a manager about a great waiter/waitress.

  55. Teach someone how to cook a healthy meal.

  56. Volunteer at a local non profit.

  57. Wash someone’s dishes.

  58. Write a thank you letter to someone who has helped you out.


Wisdom Quotes

Your destiny is formed by every decision you make.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. (Tony Robbins)

What you look at is meaningless, what matters is what you see.
It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. (Henry David Thoreau)

Mentor Asks© What is your Motto?

Through struggle we persevered.
Never forget, never forgive.
Fighting forever for honor and truth.
Progress through wisdom.
Ever vigilant.
United we stand, together we stay.
Justice is our shield.
Always progress, always move forward.
Honor binds us.
From the grounds to the skies.

$265Billion Dollar Economic Package instalment 10% of Indian GDP announced.

Someone summarised PM’s speech for me as I found the PM address full of Hindi, Sanskrit, english jargons which a layman, a man on the street, a common man can never understand. Or perhaps Narendra Modi did not wish them to address.
Such a disjointed/ In-silo effort at speech making – even when BJP has such stalwarts as wonderful Editors like M J Akbar to name a few…. who could have helped make a simple impactful speech. But bygones are bygones. Here is the Excerpt:
Honorable PM address to the Nation 🇮🇳 12.05.2020@ 8.00 pm. Highlights(33 minutes)

✅COVID19 virus has destroyed the entire world
✅COVID19 crisis is unprecedented
✅we must save lives and move forward
✅will have to take firm oath,move
✅Need to move ahead with protection
✅Self Reliant India ,the way ahead. Self Reliance has a new meaning now
✅Before covid we didn’t produce PPEs
✅Now we make 2.00 lakhs PPEs daily
✅The world view of India has changed
✅World has hope in our Capabilities -world believe India
✅Walking on the path Global welfare
✅INDIA has best resources
✅Nothing is difficult to India and Indians
✅5 pillar of India’s self reliance
Economy,Infrastructure,Tech driven-System,Demography,Demand
✅ Special Economic package announced (Rs20.00 Lakhs crore)10% of India’s GDP
✅ Aatmanirbhar Bharath relief package
✅Fiance Ministry will issue detailed guidelines on special package
✅ Give prominence/promote to products manufactured in India. Request to all to buy products manufactured in India
✅ Lockdown 4.0 details will be announced before 18th May 2020(State specific)
✅Respect and honour to all the people who are helped/ helping to fight COVID19

Thank you all 🇮🇳🙏

When leaders forget what audience they are addressing,

When they forget the impact it makes on their audience, the masses,

They speak floral, literary or JARGON FILLED language.

Someone behind the scenes also wishes to DILUTE the PM and his image by making him appear in such quick succession as if they have his succession (God forbid) Plan ready. Sad.

The HM as usual is dragging his feet with his procrastinating, definition loving Bureaucrazy Secretaries and not ready with the Graded Lockdown 4.0 announcements and PM could have therefore avoided even a mention about it as it is likely to come on 1or before 18th so let HM do it, No?

Why take out the LAST THUNDER of this inefficient FM of India by stealing her last attempt at providing ECONOMIC PACKAGE calling it Party’s or BJP’s or NDAs or PMs rather than RBI’s. – PM Could well have avoided the mention as he is not a Hype creator for FM but someone people of India look up to with respect for COMMUNICATING DECISIONS.

All in all, I personally was very disappointed and disgusted at the poor media management by BJP and Government as they ended up Diluting the Best TRUMP CARD they have till 2024 Elections.

As a senior Citizen – I have lost my Interest income 45% in past 7 years of Modi Government and continued to pay taxes.  I am still unclear, WHAT IS IN THIS PACKAGE FOR ME AND MY ilk of 12. 1 Crore Senior citizens, veterans in India. We are also 10% of Indian population – well, nearly.

Futurism Newsletter I like


The Future Is All About Reopening

12 MAY 2020


Fauci: Reopening Too Soon Could Lead to “Suffering and Death”

On Tuesday, top U.S. COVID-19 adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci urged the Senate against prematurely lifting lockdown restrictions.

Pressure is mounting from President Trump to resume normal life and business operations in the U.S. But Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, argues that doing so would be ill-advised, The New York Times reports. Hastily lifting the lockdown, he says, would result in new coronavirus outbreaks and a spike in deaths.



ONEDARPA Is About to Launch a Military Version of SpaceX’s Starlink


TWOCityMD Wrongly Told 15,000 Patients They Were Immune to COVID-19


THREEDefying Shelter-in-Place, Tesla Is Building New Cars Today



Oops: China Just Dropped a Huge Rocket Piece Back to Earth

Parts of China’s gigantic Long March 5B rocket finally made their uncontrolled descent back to Earth on Monday, CNN reports. Pieces of debris soared over the continental United States before splashing into the Atlantic Monday afternoon, as confirmed by the US Air Force.

“For a large object like this, dense pieces like parts of the rocket engines could survive reentry and crash to Earth,” Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer Jonathan McDowell told CNN.



“ It’s essentially an epidemiological investigation to determine the current situation.