Did you know..

Did you know…

… that today is Hope Record Day? In 1996, 93-year-old comedian Bob Hope ended his 60-year association with NBC as his last special aired. Hope had the longest running contract with a single network. Congratulations, Bob!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.”

— Lord Byron

Opinion | Lack of political will behind India’s agrarian crisis – Livemint

Opinion | Lack of political will behind India’s agrarian crisis
The real problem is an understanding of the changing nature of agriculture
Last Published: Thu, Nov 22 2018. 09 08 AM IST

It is now well known that farm loan waivers are no solution to the problem of credit defaults in agriculture. Photo: Bloomberg
Even though the agrarian crisis has taken a political turn with every party trying to portray itself as the saviour of the farming community, there is no serious thought from any of them on how to revive the agrarian economy. All of them have been parroting the usual prescriptions of farm loan waiver and a more generous and better implemented minimum support price (MSP). Most of these are time-tested schemes that have been offered for decades. The irony is also that most political activists and farmers’ organizations have also bought these ideas as the only ways of saving the farmer and agriculture.

It is now well known that farm loan waivers are no solution to the problem of credit defaults in agriculture. Between 2008, when one of the largest farm loan waivers was announced by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), and 2018, nothing seems to have changed. Neither did the 2008 loan waiver do anything to improve repayment rate of farm loans, nor did it prevent farmers from falling into debt trap a decade later. But it has now become a competitive game with every party trying to outsmart the other by being generous in waiving farm loans. The cycle continues because it is always accompanied by a decline in investment in agriculture.

Already for the central government, agricultural investments have declined in real terms by 3.5% per annum, the sharpest decline in last three decades. But such a scheme is also anti-farmer with a majority of small and marginal farmers out of institutional credit. For these farmers who are also the most vulnerable, farm loan waivers actually increase the cost of cultivation with declining investment.

So is the case with the MSP announcements, which have remained paper tigers except in the case of rice and wheat. But even for these two crops, the regional variation in the beneficiaries has always been skewed in favour of richer states of Punjab, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh and, within them, it has always been the rich surplus farmers who have benefited out of it.

The long-term solution requires investment in agriculture to make it viable, along with a price support mechanism which takes care of the market inefficiencies

For the remaining 23 crops, for which MSP is announced, there has neither been a stable policy regime of procurement and disposal, nor has there been any substantial effort in ensuring availability of marketing infrastructure.

The announcement of MSP for kharif crops this year with an eye on the election has not managed to raise prices for a majority of crops, whose prices have declined in recent years. For a majority of these crops, including pulses and garlic, the market prices continue to remain below the MSP in the absence of market intervention by the government.

It is not that the state and central governments are unaware of the deficiency of these measures. State governments have tried innovative ideas and methods to address these concerns. Madhya Pradesh tried the ‘bhavantar’ scheme, which was meant to provide income support by providing the price differential to farmers. Within two years, the scheme is not only on the verge of closing down with many farmers yet to get the promised money, but also because the cost has been too much for the government with no impact on market prices.

So is the case with the income transfer scheme of Telangana, which promised to pay ₹8,000 per acre. The scheme, expected to cost ₹10,000 crore to the state government, hasn’t cheered farmers with claims of exclusion and inadequate payment troubling the scheme. But it doesn’t help the agricultural labourers and the share-croppers who have been kept out of the scheme. Nor has it helped the farmers to get out of the debt trap with the incumbent party also promising farm loan waivers.

The problem really is not a dearth of ideas and the willingness to experiment. The real problem is lack of acknowledgement that the crisis in agriculture is not about incomes alone. Those who are focussing on doubling farmer incomes and providing income support to farmers are only looking at the short-term palliatives.

The real problem is an understanding of the changing nature of agriculture. Indian agriculture is now much more diversified with highly intensive agriculture. Increasing monetization and mechanization of agriculture has also increased the cost of cultivation. The long-term solution requires investment in agriculture to make it viable, along with a price support mechanism which takes care of the market inefficiencies. Such a policy will require large scale investments in building infrastructure, market access, storage, technology and revival of non-farm sector to absorb the excess labour from agriculture.  While none of the stakeholders are willing to talk about these, the central and state governments have actually reduced the real investment. The problem really is the lack of political will to solve the agrarian crisis. Until then, farmers’ distress is a hot political currency that everybody wants to encash during the elections without doing anything.

Himanshu is associate professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University and visiting fellow at the Centre de Sciences Humaines, New D

via Opinion | Lack of political will behind India’s agrarian crisis – Livemint

Nothing beyond me

I feel everyone of you to be mine and I want everyone of you to make me yours, as you already eternally are mine. 

There is nothing which is beyond me and there is nothing without me, Iam and can always be captured with love.

Meher Baba On Love,p 36

Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center 

Copyright AMBPPCT 

Photo : July 1956 – Mrtyle Beach, SC. 

Image edited by Anthony Zois

Via Meher Baba Travels

God is…

“Philosophers, atheists and others may affirm or refute the existence of God, but as long as they do not deny the very existence of their own being, they continue to testify to their being in God -for I tell you with divine authority, that God is Existence, Eternal and Infinite. He is everything.”


Prashant S.B. – Chairman NECT – Eyecare Trust and Dr. Surekha Prashant

In 2007-8 my Diabetes went haywire.  I was getting Health check done at a Polyclinic and for Eyecare I met Dr. Surekha and since then I became their regular patient.

Over the years, she built her practice and started doing surgeries at her own clinic and outside in other hospitals and we were in touch.

Around 2012, she introduced me to Mr.  Prashant S Bichgatti who was just starting the NGO Nayonika Eyecare Charitable Trust.  The Doctor felt that with my CSR background it may help if I speak with Mr. Prashant and assist where possible.

It was the beginning of a long friendship, mentoring and advisory with NECT and me.  Prashant has won many accolades for Sodial Entrepreneurship while Dr. Surekha ha kept pace with him in terms of Free Surgeries for Cataract and other ailments for needy patients and participating in the Eye check up camps and all the Government of Karnataka and other partners/ associate programs.

The Unique model of a Reverse Pareto’s Law 20:80  i.e.  giving back 80% of their income to charity is the hallmark of their successful social entrerpeneurship model.  They are compliant and were a whisker away from their first Padma Award when in a rare gesture both the Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition both recommended them for Padma Award.

Their chase is not Awards though.  Recently, they participated in a LIfeline Express Train initiative and visited interior Karnataka and performed nearly 400 surgeries free of cost.

When I sent the questionnaire to PRashant – He readily filled in all the details and sent it to me.  The trust, friendship and their relationship building is wonderful aspects of this young couple in service of Humanity.

Kudos to both of them.


Following were my interview questions to Prashant:

Prashant and Dr. SurekhaPrashant


  1. What motivated you to become what you ARE today?
    1. Serving eye health need to ensure no one losses vision because of avoidable blindness
  2. What is the greatest joy you get from what you do?
    1. Seeing patient regaining his vision and making his/her life better with free eye health treatment
  3. What do your fans mean to you?
    1. Its more of patients in eye health and whoever needs help in eye health , we strive to serve them in best possible ways
  4. What are you working on next?
    1. To reach each and every corner of the nation
  5. Who are your favourite authors?
    1. Books of OSHO
    2. Books of Budha
    3. Books of Rumy
    4. Gurdejeff
    5. Clement stone
  6. What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
    1. To ensure each and every moment of the day should be utilized for eye health project with various synergies.
  7. When you’re not working, how do you spend your time?
    1. Family trip, watching Cricket, watching comedy movies
  8. Do you have some work and rest related non-negotiable rules?
    1. We find time with family
  9. How do you discover the authors you read?
    1. I love their thoughts which inturn helps me to grow
  10. Do you remember the first assignment you ever did?
    1. Yes i do in Canada with AON Corp
  11. What is your working process?
    1. Plan every day with schedules for team, myself and TODO List
  12. What is your unique Work Style?
    1. Work on 20/80 with charity in 80% of our revenus.
  13. Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
    1. Always treat FOOD as god and i practice it whole day.
  14. What is your approach and how do you Plan the Finishing touches to the work?
    1. Ensure each and every parameter of the project is completed on time with high accuracy.
  15. What are your five favourite books, and why?
    1. Books of OSHO
    2. Books of Budha
    3. Domesticating the tiger: Books of Rumy
    4. Important personalities: Gurdejeff
    5. 17 success formals : Clement stone
  16. What do you read for pleasure?
    1. Watch cricket and comedy shows/movies
  17. What is your e-reading device of choice?
    1. Laptop
  18. Please describe your desk.
    1. Calender on right side, pen, scribbing pad, laptop and glass of water.
  19. Where did you grow up, and did this influence your business, If Yes – How?
    1. Bangalore city, Toronto, Canada.
  20. When did you first started what you do?
    1. 2010



Important Agriculture News of the Day


19 farmer suicides in Raichur so far this year

RAICHUR: As many as 19 farmers have committed suicide in Raichur so far this fiscal. All of them belonged to the SC/ST or OBC communities.
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Odisha govt: 227 farmer suicides not due to loan burden

The Government on Tuesday informed the Assembly that 227 farmers committed suicide in the State during the last five years, but none of them due to …
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‘I finally found courage to speak’: Widowed women farmers come to Mumbai to demand their rights

“For two years nothing had come from our farm and we had taken loans … this to artificially suppress the actual number of suicides in Maharashtra.
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Congress gives corruption focal issue in MP

Congress communication Chief Randeep Surjewala in his press meet pointed out that Madhya Pradesh was the only state where farmers were giving …
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BJP farmers‘ wing condemns CM’s remarks, stages protest in Mysuru

This state government has failed to protect the interests of the farmers. Cases of farmer suicides are still on the rise in Karnataka. The government has …
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Farmers Begin Another March to Mumbai as Demands Remain Unfulfilled

For the last two years, the government has shied away from officially publishing the data for the number of farmer suicides in the country. The drought …
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MP Assembly Polls 2018 LIVE: Take strict action against Kamal Nath for his ‘Muslim booths’ remark …

“Madhya Pradesh is the only state in India where women are not safe, where the number of suicides of farmers is highest and in Sehore (Budhni …
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Good to have ambitions, but not be blinded by it: Sachin Pilot

… still focusing on ghar wapsi, gau raksha, cow vigilante, we are focused on gender issues, economic growth, jobs and farmer suicides for every state.
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Devendra Fadnavis braces for impact as angry farmers march to Mumbai again

Devendra Fadnavis braces for impact as angry farmers march to Mumbai … Also read: Maharashtra farmer suicides have nearly doubled under BJP …
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Thanks Giving and Birthday of Beauty and the Beast – What a Coincidence :)

Did you know…

… that today, besides being Thanksgiving in the United States (Happy Thanksgiving!), is the birthday of Beauty and the Beast? In 1991, Walt Disney’s cartoon movie “Beauty and the Beast” was released. Find some beauty in every beast you meet today! 😉


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“The more we express thanks, the more gratitude we feel. The more gratitude we feel, the more we express thanks. It’s circular, and it leads to a happier life.”

— Steve Goodier

Maharashtra farmers protest: Mumbai Police issues traffic advisory, rally may choke South Mumbai kalyan azad maidan dadar sion | India News

via Maharashtra farmers protest: Mumbai Police issues traffic advisory, rally may choke South Mumbai kalyan azad maidan dadar sion | India News